October 18, 2007

At Least We Can All Agree That Kids Need More Sugar

OK, so my flamethrowing blurb about vaccination didn't exactly have us all singing Kumbaya today. But I think we can all agree with the thoroughly unbiased research organization, Sugar Information, Inc., when they point out that Suzy here "needs...
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Holy Smokes, The Slot-Together Toy Church Of Dr. Caligari

In that Petaluma post this morning, DT reader Cookie [who, AFAIK, is not the pudgy-baby-hating Cookie] suggested that sweet hardwood castle set might come from a German company called Holzkram. It didn't, but just get a load of Holzkram's...
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NYMag: Good News, Bad News On Where The Wild Things Are Movie

New York Magazine says they have read Dave Eggers' and Spike Jonze's script adaptation for Where The Wild Things Are, "…and it is really, really good." Except for Max, of course, whose dad apparently has gone AWOL, which is the...
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Crazy Hippies Pose As Jesusfreaks To Avoid Vaccinating Their Kids

And we'll all get freakin' polio as a result. Thanks a lot. From the AP:Twenty-eight states, including Florida, Massachusetts and New York, allow parents to opt out for medical or religious reasons only. Twenty other states, among them California, Pennsylvania,...
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Some Day My Sweet Hardwood Prince Will Come From Petaluma

Ashley is a Reggio Emilia atelierista by day, and a felt artist by night. She also has a blog with no links. Obviously, she lives in San Francisco. When she was in Petaluma, peddling her wares, she happened to...
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Pottery Barn Kids Kids Names, Fall 2007 Edition

So my wife tells me that while I was gone, she and the kid sat down to read the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue together. Now the kid wants bump beds. [ducduc, Argington, and Nurseryworks, we'll be in touch in 2010...
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WTD: Parent Blog Sks Design Blogger 4 Publicist 3-Way

Babble's looking for a design blogger:...The writer (ideally a parent) should be obsessed with new and beautiful design, and be able to keep readers up to date on the latest design breakthroughs in everything from European strollers to organic baby...
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