October 17, 2007

Micralite Toros In The Wild?

Has anyone seen Micralite Toro strollers in stores yet? DT reader Eyelet posted earlier today about trying to try one out in person [in NYC]. I know that Euro-Baby, the US distributor for Micralite flagged the first shipments for...
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Dan Neil: Chrysler's New Minivan Will Make You A DILF

Dan Neil in the LA Times: Out on the savanna, the reproductively desirable male was older (à la Connery), of higher rank and status within the tribe and commanding more of its wealth. A female's innate programming tends to favor...
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Holy Flatpack! Slot-Together Bumpalow School, Circa 1931

Put that in your Dwell prefab and compost it. As early as the 1930's, Milton-Bradley was producing sweet, slot-together wooden doll houses and other play buildings as part of Bumpalow Town. There was also a store, a church, a...
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