October 5, 2007

Holy Moses, Check Out This Citroen DS T-shirt By Tuss At Chigo

Yeah, basically, I'd go to Japan to buy a Swedish kid's t-shirt with a French car embroidered on it. You gotta problem with that? Rufus shirt - Citroen by tuss, 9,450 yen ($81US, ouch) [chigo.co.jp] Previously: tuss. Citroen. Chigo....
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Eames Elephants On Parade

In the family tradition, professional grandson/filmmaker Eames Demetrios has made A Gathering of Elephants, a stop-action animated short film to commemorate the going on sale of the 1,000-limited edition plywood elephants Vitra made to commemorate the 100th birthday of...
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Turn Samsonite's Zoo Zoo Into Samsonite's Gitmo Gitmo In Too Easy Steps

Still working to get the scans of this 1972 Samsonite Toys catalogue finished. There were sure a lot of roller skate-type products in that first, expanded collection. There was also the People Places series, their entry into the preschool...
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Whoa. George Nakashima Rocker Rocks

George Nakashima made this free-edge arm walnut rocking chair for his niece, Alene. Obviously, it rocks. I wonder if you could rout out a little hole in the arm to hold the bottle... KIDDING! KIDDING! I KID BECAUSE I...
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Toilet Ink

"Jeckida's groundbreaking Toilet Ink [TM], makes it incredibly simple to tattoo your toilet." Their videos are still the best in the entire toilet decorating industry. Toilet Ink videos [toiletink.com] Previously: We're No. 2! We're No. 2! DT reports from the...
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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I Pray For One Of The Sultan Of Brunei's Insane Ferrari 456 Wagons That I Can Keep

Venice Speciale. Seven 1995-6 stock Ferrari 456 GTA's leave the factory for Pininfarina and Italtecnica, who transform them into four-door station wagons. Sure, they're called shooting brakes, but please. Do I have to get the Sultan of Brunei himself...
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