September 30, 2007

Go Ahead Lead, Make My Day: The Innov-X Handheld XRF Analyzer

The government's been taken over by a bunch of pantywaists from Gucci Gulch who lobby to slash funding for eveything but their own wallet-lining pork. Corporate fat cats are selling the country out, making toys from who-knows-what in order...
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Jukka Disk Game & Roller Seat From Finland From Kiosk

I was wondering when the next country would turn up on Kiosk, and it has: Finland. A few times each year, the conceptual SoHo retailer scours a country for exceptionally well-designed and iconic stuff from the rare to the...
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Mark X ZiO: Toyota's Entry In The "Small Minivan You Don't Hate" Category

From Winding Road comes news that the Toyota FSC Concept car from 2005 has hit the road in Japan as the Mark X ZiO::Toyota’s clearly trying something different with the ZiO which is some five inches shorter than a...
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