September 19, 2007

Bill Amberg Leather X Silver Cross Dazzle Stroller Colabo

Patty's still posting finds and reports from ABC Kids Expo on Baby Chic 101. If she's not the new Stroller Queen yet, she's at least the Stroller Crown Princess. One thing that grabbed my eye: a collaboration between the newly...
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Victoria Staten X EasyWalker Sky Stroller Mashup

And speaking of Victoria Staten, the Staten-on-Safari tent at ABC Kids Expo apparently contained a few new products, the most eye-catching of which is the Staten Edition of the Easy Walker Sky stroller. Easy Walker's a popular Dutch brand [Seriously,...
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Great Expectations: Victoria Staten Baby Carrier

Last week's or whenever's posts about baby stuff you hear about online meeting expectations--or not, or exceeding them--prompted DT reader Adrienne to burn a few minutes of precious naptime sharing this story:After seeing the company featured on your site...
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Gear Of Son Of Crunchgear

Gearblogger extraordinaire [and onetime DT guestblogger] John Biggs posted some highlights of his son Kasper's inventory at Crunchgear. There's a Quinny Buzz, some select Ikea, a few annoying plastic toys, and my favorites: actual obsolete gadgets and Polish-language toys from...
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Tramp Stamped And Pierced And Pregnant? Big Deal!

"Why Some Expectant Moms Are Worried About Tattoos"? Uh, how about because the Wall Street Journal keeps a non-issue alive by joining a five-year-long daisy chain of non-stories in pregnancy magazines and message boards about the non-existent incompatibility between epidurals...
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Adiri Breast-Shaped Bottle, Or Do Co-Sleepers Dream Of Eclectic Teats?

Yes, yes they do. DT reader Eric:So weird. I just had a dream last night that co-sleeping parents (like us) could help transition their kid to their own crib if there was some sort of fake boob in the crib...
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