August 30, 2007

BabyPlus Prenatal Audio System Makes Normal Babies Look Like Geniuses Compared To Their Stupid Parents

So I'm reading and enjoying Joel's return to gadgetblogging at BoingBoing, when I see a post about the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System, [$150] which provides a "curriculum" of 16 audio rhythms, basically remixes of the mother's heartbeat, which get piped...
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Daddy Gives Kid The Fast Typing Gene

You know what they say about a guy with big hands and big feet: he must've gotten it from his father. And in the case of Jeshua Fuller, born Tuesday in Brooklyn, they'd be right. Jeshua was born with...
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Cars You Couldn't Have But Soon You Can, Vol. I: Honda Stream Coming To The US

Well I'll be darned. The small, 7-seat people mover, the Honda Stream, was one of the many great-looking, extremely efficient, and all-around awesome, Japan-only family cars that taunted me with their unavailability. Meanwhile, the US had the Mazda5, the,...
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Holden Crewman & Commodore: Australian For "Sweet Cah"

How is this possible? Until last night, the only Holden I'd ever heard of was the Caulfield, a temperamental, unreliable model which was entertaining but ill-suited for the city, and which ended up getting trucked out to Camarillo for...
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