August 28, 2007

Freshman Dad Has 17-mo Roommate, Not A Lot Of Free Time

Mike Schieding's girlfriend got pregnant during junior year [of high school]. If he hadn't found out about Endicott College's campus residential program for single parents, he figures he never would've been able to manage a job, an education and full...
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Blockspotting: My Aunt's Sweet, Vintage Alphabet Blocks

I still can't forget how nice these blocks felt, and how beautiful they are. On a visit to my grandmother's this summer, the kid got to play in the same basement toy closet I did [it used to be...
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The Wagonmaster Has His Eyes, His Cunning, And Now His Strength

flickr user illtakeyourphoto! scanned in this sweet ad from a 1970 issue of Ford Times. And now that Andy's gone freelance, he's got all day to surf stuff up and pass it around! Stay at home, dads! The Wagonmaster...
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BP Loves Children And Wants To Fill The Earth With Flowers.

Giant corporations exploiting adorable, emotionally manipulative fictional characters to suck every last dollar out of our wallets, while making outlandish PR claims that are totally at odds with accepted science and the dismal reality on the ground got you...
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