August 27, 2007

Whoa. Mary Blair's Disney's Cinderella??

Our approach to thwarting the Disney Princess Industrial Complex is simple. I think. Oh, who'm I fooling? They're complicated and doomed to failure as soon as the kid has a sleepover party, but whatryagonnado? Here's the plan: The movies...
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Henry Hill: Wiseguy, Artist, Parent, Circumcision Fan

You may know Henry Hill--the original Wiseguy who informed [sic] Nick Pileggi's book which became Scorsese's and Liotta's Goodfellas--from a question in the Movies Edition of Trivial Pursuit that you bought at a garage sale for a quarter and...
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Big Mac's A Big Mac, Except They Buy It With A Platinum Card

I am glad to see that American Express's Departures Magazine is on the lookout for kid-friendly travel spots; while the London finds sound brilliant, this month's recommendations for "Lisbon with Little Ones" needs some work. From Sophy Roberts' report ["wow--what...
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