July 26, 2007

BBC: It's Short For Busting Bulgarian Childsmuggling

Yes, it's that time of year, when someone at the BBC decides they'd like to summer in Bulgaria, so they arrange for a story about babysmuggling. This time, the BBC conducted a month-long sting operation that resulted in three...
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Hermelin: Sweet Ikea-Colored Crib--From Ikea

DT reader LC writes of the new Hermelin crib from Ikea: "Too bad it wasn't available a year ago. But then I might not have painted my son's Gulliver crib orange (which is awesome)." Don't worry, I've already asked...
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Hand-Knit ATHF Carl Baby Set: Combover Cap and Chest Hair Sweater

Ah, summer, when we head to the beach and the pool and spend our days frolick--Holy crap, check out that dude's shoulder hair! It looks like he's wearing a freakin' sweater! And that's just the baby. The Carl (ATHF)...
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