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June 20, 2007

DIY AT-AT Stroller: Who's Luke's Father?


AJ's the Jedi Master of stroller detective work. He tracked down the origins of the awesome AT-AT Walker stroller mod that's been making the rounds on the net recently, and he's deduced quite a bit of the DIY that went into it. Now he's going public, and asking for help getting the back story. Here's what we know so far:

  • The stroller was spotted at the Star Wars Celebration IV in LA. [AJ scoured fan photos of the event to get multiple views of it throughout the day.]
  • The stroller looks to be a late model Baby Trend Trendsport Lite [note the logo and the naked lower crossbar in this photo]
  • The AT-AT shell is held together with wires on the corners. It looks like an enlarged papercraft model mounted on a sturdier material like foamcore.


  • Dad's rocking a Boba Fett wristband and an Imperial Crest tattoo on his calf [both visible above].


  • The key, though, may be the crest he has tattooed on his shin, which he also put on the mobile. I couldn't find it in the exhaustive galleries of Star Wars tattoos maintained by Shane Turgeson, whose book of Star Wars body art, The Force In The Flesh, was just released at Celebration IV.

    Clearly, The Force is strong with this dad, and we need to call him in to complete our training. Help us, DT readers, you're our only hope.


    update like an hour later: OK, maybe the tattoo isn't the key, but you people are freakin' me out right now with your Jeopardy-level Star Wars response times. That is apparently the helmet symbol for Wedge Antilles, the Rebel Alliance pilot who blew up the Deathstar with Luke and who was also in the Battle of Hoth [against the AT-AT's, duh]. Here's the image from Wookieepedia. I guess we know the strollerrider's name now, though. ["Would Wedge's parents please report to the information booth?"] I kind of hoped it'd turn out to be his SW fan squadron logo, and we'd trace him straight to Pasadena or something. Oh well. Thanks to Lauren and Tom, the two biggest nerds in the quadrant.

    update update: hmm, Jason says it's the Rebel Circle Logo, "As seen on the sides and tops of many Rebel pilot helmets." According to this SW sticker collection page, Wedge's helmet had a different, wing-shaped deal.

    Deconstructing a Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Baby Stroller [thingamababy.com]
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