June 17, 2007

The Station Wagons Of Rolls Royce Not Exactly The Rolls Royces Of Station Wagons

They sure don't make them like they used to. Some customizer outfit in Wisconsin named VGD is offering to transform a Bentley Arnage into a Shooting Break for an extra $170,000 over sticker. What a travesty. You know you're...
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Art Bee-Powered Pregalyzer

Regine's in the throes of art-meets-technology sensory overload at the Royal College of Art graduate exhibition in London. That's where she saw Susana Soares' project, Bee's, which explores "how we might co-habit with natural biological systems and use their...
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Did Anyone Get A Handknit Golly Jumper For Father's Day?

Unbelievable. And an interesting discussion in the Threadbared comments, too. Maybe you could tweak them to be a Mr. T sweater instead, you know, to match the kid's doll. There are vintage patterns for Golly Jumpers coming up on...
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thanks, congratulations, good luck, let's keep on. there'll be time for more crazy racist toy hunting stories later....
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