June 2, 2007

Words Are Like A Certain Parent Who Can't Say What They Mean

Don't mean what they say. Fortunately, there's MetroDad, The Tina Weymouth of our parenting generation, to keep making sense of it all. His Parentionary provides the "True Meaning" of the phrases parents hear and use everyday, whether it's the meaning...
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This Zid Zid Airplane Backpack Is Just Awesome.

Even at my road warrioringest worst, when I was flying somewhere literally every 36-48 hours for months, I refused to get a wheelie suitcase. None of the luggage companies I liked made them, and they just seemed like a sign...
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Good Babynaming Help So Hard To Find In The Hamptons

As I'm sure you already know from previous seasons in Aspen and the Hamptons, Plum TV is like the free, glossy real estate ad magazines they leave in Upper East Side lobbies, like Avenue or Quest, but on TV....
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So I'm Weak. Japan-Only Little Bony Plush Toys At Giant Robot

What month was it that I said the kid watches Japanese TV shows so that we can break the TV character - licensed merchandise - store aisle feedback loop? Way back in February? Yeah, well. I just ordered a...
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