May 10, 2007

Das Ist How We Roll: c.1967 Proto-Travel System

Yeah, I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of vintage Form Magazine posts the next little while. You have been warned. In 1967 at the Montreal World Expo, three students from the Folkwangschule für Gestaltung [Folkwang...
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Form Magazine Archives: 50 Jahren Of Awesome KidMod Design

Ausgezeichnet! Ten minutes surfing through the 50 year-archive that Form, the Swiss-German design magazine, just put online, and already I feel like Homer Simpson at the candy convention. My raincoat's stuffed full, and instead of one, there are like...
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Type 52: The Baby Bugatti

Allan Stone Gallery is an old school, but low key institution on Upper East Side, which began showing works by such emerging New York artists as Willem deKooning, Andy Warhol, and Eva Hesse. One of the gallery program's unifying...
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DIY Pointer Sisters Pinball Clock From Sesame Street

If you're planning an old school Sesame Street disco pinball machine/Pointer Sisters theme for the kid's nursery--and who isn't? look at all the possibilities down there--brother, has Thydzik got the DIY clock tutorial for you. [There are even cleaned...
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