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January 14, 2007

Lindam Worship: Another Sweet Slot-Together Crib


Whether it's the island nation thing, the imperial past thing, or the driving on the wrong side of the road thing, the UK sure has more than its fair share of slot-together cribs. OK, so it has two.

[This is as good a time as any to point out that the first slot-together baby bed to turn up on Daddy Types was, in fact, the Green Lullaby cradle, which is made of cardboard. Back in the day, it wasn't available in the US; now Rose and Radish sell it for $107.]

Mark from Sparkability pointed out the British slot-together-in-5-minutes crib Target didn't just license for the US: the Lindam Solo Cot. [note: in the UK, cots=cribs, cribs=cradles, football=soccer.]

Compared to the mortise-and-tenon-style Slotti, the Lindam Solo is actually much slottier in its assembly. That gives it a bit of a design/concept edge, I'd say. Also, and most importantly, it doesn't have decorations all over it, just plain maple ply or white paint to let the structure shine through.

Before anyone gets all click-happy and starts ordering Lindams for shipment to the US, though, take note: the mattress size is what's called "continental cot," 60x120 cm, smaller than a standard US crib mattress [70x137cm], so you'll need to get the whole kit, as they say, over there. [Trivia note: the Slotti cribs sold at Target are US-sized, too.]

Prices for Lindam are all over the map, 179 pounds at babyworld, but only 133 at jomodo. Shop around.
Previously: Cosatto Slotti slot-together crib at Target; Sweet cardboard cradle by Green Lullaby

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Just a quick correction. Greg...
Looks like the sweet maple slot crib by Lindam is only 99 pounds at Jomodo (for some reason the white version is 133).

[ah, thanks. it's L.99 on ebay.co.uk, too, but the link was too messy/temporary, I figured. -ed.]

posted by: arlopop at January 14, 2007 11:24 PM

Unfortunately Jomodo won't ship outside of Europe. Has anyone found a seller of this crib that will ship to the U.S.?

[now I feel bad for giving literally several people false hope and flooding Jomodo with literally several requests for US shipping. Sorry. -ed.]

posted by: amber at January 15, 2007 10:44 AM
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