January 13, 2007

Modern Nursery On/At Target: Slotti Crib By Cosatto

You want a slightly slick, modern-style crib but you don't want to spend a freakin' fortune? You hear that Wal-Mart's starting to offer slightly modern-style cribs and stuff, but your grandpa ended up spending his retirement as a Wal-Mart...
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Unidentified Local Hordes Fill Bags In Style Villa

Once when I was staying at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, I came back to find a stranger working at my desk, smoking,. Turns out they'd checked him into my room while I was at lunch. The...
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Attention Wal-Mart Non-Shoppers! Modern Nursery Collection??

"Modernist" may be a stretch, but it looks like "Modern" is officially becoming a mainstream, mass-market selling feature for nursery furniture. Wal-Mart has introduced a Modern Nursery set: a crib, changing station, and dresser in a blink-and-it-looks-like-Netto Collection combination...
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