November 28, 2006

Villa Santa Maddalena, Tuscany - CLOSE ENOUGH

John Malkovich once came [to Santa Maddalena] for New Year’s dinner, [said Baronessa Beatrice Monti della Corte von Rezzori], “and I’d set up the table quite nicely, with beautiful plates and candelabras, and he put down his baby and changed...
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Update: Barney Caves & Pays, Does Not Admit To Being Evil

Remember how Barney's lawyers had been hounding a guy for years, trying to make him take his clearly legal parody offline? Well, they won't be bothering him anymore. The EFF sued them, and they agreed to back down and pay...
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Muji's "In-a-Bag" Toys Slip The Surly Bonds Of Earth

This Outer-Space-in-a-Bag toy set is small (i.e., palm-sized), but awesome. As soon as I spotted these on Muji's Christmas site, I knew they were going straight into the kid's stocking. [They're made of sustainably harvested hardwoods.] And just now,...
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The DT Interview: Bboy Booginsroc's Bboying Dad

After seeing the amazing breakdancing moves of 2.5-year-old Bboy Booginsroc, I thought I'd drop a line to his dad, who was not only the source of his ill moves, but of his old school funk and motown education before...
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One Dad's Search For A Kid's Table

Thanks to an email last week, I had the opportunity to reflect on something I'm thankful for: not being in competition with Ikea for anything. DT reader Geoff [aka The Boston Twin Wrangler], who has been shopping for a...
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NYT Checks In On Pre-Conception Health

According to the New York Times, men just have to avoid paint and giving their future baby mamma the clap. Women, on the other hand, well, infant mortality researchers say that women in the reproductive stage of their lives should...
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Sweet DIY Stair Gate Currently In Testing Phase

And by testing, I mean that it's installed and keeping the designers' kid from tumbling down or escaping up the stairs, depending. Joel & Maria Piela, the dad & mom design team behind Blue Ant Studio, whipped up this...
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