September 28, 2006

"Invisible Baby" By Ze Frank

It's apparently not the normal babies that freak Ze Frank out at street fairs: it's the invisible ones. Ze Frank's The Show []...
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It's So Hard To Find Good Help These Days

You think the nanny slipping the kid a Happy Meal's a problem? Try coming home and finding out your sitter practically starved your kid instead. I mean, is it really so hard to make Oreo waffles? Memo to Nanny: No...
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Lilli Bule: Le Blog/Boutique, C'est Moi

Lilli Bule is a really cool-looking [and judging from their press clippings, very plugged in] children's clothing store in BFParis [the 11th] that specializes in independent designers and limited-run and unique clothes. It's also a blog, a blog with the...
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Put Balouga On Your Next Paris Kid-shopping Trip

Balouga is a new, sweet-looking gallery of children's design, from the small to the major, which just got added to my shortlist for our next visit to Paris. I mean, just look at that wall of chairs hanging there,...
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