April 20, 2006

Unidentified Suburban Man Goes For The Upgrade

People Magazine shows this photo of an unidentified man pushing a Bugaboo Cameleon. With his unidentified suburban child about to tumble right out without a seatbelt or crossbar. [to which I say, eh, it's the suburbs. Grass is soft....
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It's Hard Out There For A Captain

The kid's got a cold, so we've been dosing her lethargic self up on television, including The Wiggles this morning. Where my jaw dropped at a segment from the live show: Captain Feathersword cutting loose with a rock anthem...
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No Word Yet On Whether She Had An Epistemology

From The Sun, via the NY Post, via Gawker [Moratorium's still in effect; I'm merely reporting on the reporting, see? Huge diff.]: Cruise stroked Holmes' face and held her hand to help her stay silent during the birth of their...
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Maclaren By Starck: Don't Get Your Skirts In A Ruffle Just Yet

They may have turned up on display at Colette and in the goofy stylist fantasies of Vogue, but don't look for the Starck + Maclaren gear to turn up in any actual stores for sale for any actual, set prices...
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Maddox Who?

several things make this kid awesome Originally uploaded by trixiebedlam. Check out the sweet lid on this kid. Yes, that is a phoenix emerging from his polo shirt collar. trixiebedlam's photostream on flickr [via robotwisdom]...
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