October 13, 2005

Handknit Robots

I think I read somewhere that all the snowboarding kids are crocheting these days, making their own hats and stuff. Now unless crocheting and knitting don't mix--like how racquetball messes up your tennis game--all you crocheters can probably just look...
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What's Up With This Playmobil Security Check-In?

First things first: Playmobil is not intended for children under 3; you know how full of terrorists those nursing lounges and subway strollers are, and you it'd be downright un-American to help them plan out their little security-evading scenarios....
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Dad-To-Be Graduates From Rocking Chair U. With A Month To Spare

New dad (as of Sept., congrats!) Gregg Homstad took the rocking chair thing seriously, very seriously: he handmade a museum-quality rocker himself using the instructions and plans from Rocking Chair University [no kidding]. See, master woodworker and rocking chair guru...
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Mickey Who? Get The Kid A Pez MP3 Player Instead

Earlier this year, Pat Misterovich, an at-home-dad in Missouri, thought it'd be sweet if he could make an MP3 player out of a Pez dispenser. So he designed and licensed it, lined up a manufacturer, and--voila--now he's taking orders. Delivery's...
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The Modern, 11 West 53rd St - NO

The restaurant at MoMA has famously confusing-for-some* individual, unisex bathrooms surrounding a common sink-filled lobby. No counters anywhere at all; and only the large wheelchair-accessible bathrooms would have floorspace enough. *some who haven't been to Pastis, Europe, or a college...
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American Museum Of Natural History - 81st St & Central Park West - YES

The 1st Floor restroom in the Rose Center/Hayden Planetarium is in the southwest corner, behind the elevators. On a side note, the signage in that museum is maddening, ridiculous. Veteran visitors thread their way through lost, baffled, shuffling newbies. My...
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