October 5, 2005

"Cars You Still Can't Have" Update

Nissan is definitely bringing the next-gen Cube to the US. In 2008. [not 2007. Or 2006.] This story will be leaked every six months until your kids are in college. [autoweek via jalopnik] Spoiled by Priuses, treehugging Canadian anti-snobs...
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Celebrity Baby Has Sweet Mid-Century Modernist Dollhouse

Form follows function for DT reader Elizabeth's vintage modernist dollhouse, which her daughter Dorothy's now playing with: I have a really cool dollhouse that my grandfather got me over thirty years ago. I looked around online, but couldnít find anything...
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At-Home Dads Multiplying Like Rabbits?

Rebel Dad, who's something of an expert on this kind of thing [statistics and government policy ARE the favorite sports in Washington, DC, after all] has parsed some Census Bureau statistics and is feeling pretty darn good. I'll let him...
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Zuckerman: Famous, Prick, Fires US News Staffers On Maternity Leave

God Bless America, land of the free-will employment. The country where media moguls can escape the profit-sapping oppression of governmentally mandated employment protection regimes in their home country, and where they can be totally at liberty to fire employees who...
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Sometimes You Just Gotta Say, WTF?

TomKat's Pregnant. Obviously, this didn't happen in Indiana. Tom & Katie Expecting A Baby [peoplemag via dt reader/torturer Lauren] [update: Gawker helpfully notes that both have DVD's coming out in a couple of weeks, too. There will be no more...
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Tricycles: Big Wheels In Disguise

With a single twist, this sweet Radio Flyer Twist Trike converts from a low-slung Big Wheel-like chopper to an honest-to-goodness tricycle. You may have to stare at it for a minute to figure out where to twist. #440 Twist...
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Austin Redneck Warms To Gay Dad Neighbors

Not a fan of the reality TV, but apparently ABC shot and canned a show called Welcome To The Neighborhood last year. The plot: Give a free McMansion to whoever pissed off the whitey white neighbors of an Austin, TX...
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And To Think That I Saw It At Yoyamart

Last weekend, I checked in at Yoyamart, the sweet, sweet kid-centric store in EMePa (East of Meatpacking District). The highlights, some of which are available on Yoyamart's online store, too, are below: - the smurftastic Bugaboo By limited edition stroller...
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Baby Peace Anti-Vietnam War Ad

In 1970 USC film student Randal Kleiser shot "Baby Peace," a one-minute ad to protest US involvement in the war in Vietnam. He got Jon Voight, fresh off of Midnight Cowboy, to do the father's voiceover. It kind of...
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Forget The Infant Dumpster. What You Want Is A Baby Box

Hey, I can admit when I'm wrong. The Infant Dumpster was a bad idea, and I shouldn't have called for its return. Did I say bad? How about suboptimal. Optimal would be a clean room, with a hotline for the...
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