September 19, 2005

I Want To See More Seimi

Seimi is a Finnish company which started a line of baby furniture last year after--all together now--a couple of designers had a kid and were disappointed with the modern options for new parents. The line continues to evolve and expand...
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DT Poll: Mid-Night, And The Daddies Are Feeding

DT reader Matt Haughey writes in:I'm taking an active role in the raising of my daughter, and part of that is we only feed our daughter breast milk. To make sure it's not a burden on my wife, I feed...
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Chalkboard-Painted Furniture Makers, Make Way For ducduc

I'm not a big furniture suite guy; always struck me as a little too Showcase Showdown, if you know what I mean. Which is probably why this kid-sized armoire with chalkboard paint on the front from ducduc; although it's part...
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Where Do You Want The ducduc, Mac?

ducduc is no longer just a potentiality, hovering on the horizon of your crib and nursery purchases like a distant cloud. It's here. And it's for sale. And it looks good. And most of it's $1,000-$1,500, the same range as...
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