August 20, 2005

Introducing DT Travel, And One Airplane Tip

Someone suggested it earlier, and I'd been wondering about it anyway, so here it is, a Daddy Types travel category. I'm going back to pull all the travel-related topics into it, including advice and gear for being away from home,...
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I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke, But There's No Drink Holder

The Europeans wonder why anyone'd want to carry hot coffee near their precious baby's head, or why there aren't more cafes in the US, where you sit and enjoy a nice bite with your family. The Americans--like DT reader Brian--wonder...
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Um, About This Baby Jet Lag?

Seriously, kid, you need to sleep. It's been three nights since we got back to the East Coast from Japan, and the kid has not moved her sleep schedule hardly at all. What gives? Flying from the US to Japan,...
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As If Surrogacy Isn't Difficult Enough...

Imagine the surrogacy nurse, your prime contact at the fertility clinic--who's called "the mother whisperer," she's so good helping her patient/clients through the difficult emotional landscape of having another woman carry their embryos to term--gets arrested for the murder of...
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Wha wha wha?? Bugaboo Cameleon At babystyle Now

Looks like "sometime in September" means "right now, in August." A report from DT reader Dan:i just went to my local babystyle store yesterday. when the lady asked if she could help me with anything i asked her "so...
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