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May 31, 2005

Holy Promotional Tie-ins! Batman Stroller from Aprica

batman_aprica.jpgDay-um. When they say Batman Begins, they mean he begins in a stroller. The latest Batman movie opens worldwide on June 18th and the most unlikely licensed merchandise I can think of is now on sale in Japan: this special edition, Aprica W-Mini Eye-to-Eye Thermo stroller, which comes in "Batman Black" and with a Batman logo on the side of the canopy.

Before you start asking about the sanity of wheeling a new baby around Japan's 100-degree, 100% humidity summer in an all-black stroller, relax. The Aprica comes with a special Batmesh "W" ventilated seat system to keep the kid cool.

And it's designed with near-complete one-Bat-touch functionality, with reversible and angle-adjustable handle; easy open and close; and easy recline adjustment. It's suitable for kids from 0-2years, by which point there'll be a new Batman movie out, and you'll have to buy that stroller.

One major drawback: there are no cupholders, Bat- or otherwise.

The Batman Black Aprica W-Mini Eye-to-Eye Thermo stroller is 45,799 yen at Tos R Us Japan [toysrus.co.jp, all hail Cam for finding this]
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No cupholders needed... remember, in Japan, it's bad manners to walk around with a drink. Besides, in Tokyo, you're never more than ten feet from a Starbucks... :)

posted by: cam c. at May 31, 2005 2:13 PM

Ah, I know it's Aprica and all, but it's not as cool as the Combi M-78 model, yes, that's right -- M-78 as in Ultraman. Don't have the URL on the laptop but I did blog it a while back -- here:
(don't mean to self-promote so feel free to remove the link!)

posted by: Sarah at May 31, 2005 3:53 PM

This may be worth buying just for the opportunity to someday exclaim "Quick! To the Batstroller!" (Commence playing Batman theme music in head on repeat ad nauseum.)

posted by: Mark at May 31, 2005 7:04 PM
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