June 25, 2004

Progress Report, as of 2 min. ago

11:01 AM The kid wakes up at my feet. I pick her up and put her on my lap. "Look at you! You're sitting up! You're sitting up!" "Blech" "You're spitting up!" BRB...
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Utterly Random Bottle-Related Products

OK, Great Baby Products turns out to be the SkyMall of baby gear: thousands of Innovations you had no idea you needed, that solve hundreds of problems you didn't know you had, all pitched with breathless optimism and urgency. As...
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Nipple/Bottle Adapters in the US of A

The Bib'Evianis only available in France, but it turns out you can buy adapters for putting a nipple on a standard drink bottle right here in the US. In fact, Great Baby Products practically demands you stick it to the...
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