April 12, 2004

UrbanBabyWatch: Annoying

UB1: When he follows me around with the baby saying, "Let's see what mommy's doing." He even followed me into the bathroom! UB2: Mine does that, too. UB3: That is SO CUTE! UB2: No, it's not. IT'S ANNOYING....
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The Baby Whisperer

On the well-behaved baby front, a doctor-in-Westchester friend recommended very highly Tracy Hoggís Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. Through anecdotes and rapid-read bullet points backed by her own and other research, Hogg explains: how to introduce structure to a newborn's...
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How to Get Your Kid to Sleep

On his own weblog, writer/uber-blogger/dad Mark Frauenfelder says:I was trying to think about what book has had the greatest effect on my life. I thought about books I'd read in college that seemed to carry a lot of philosophical weight...
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BMW X3: a (non-)SUV for Soccer Dads

Are all auto critics stay-at-home dads? Or as Dan Erwin puts it in the BMW Car Club magazine, not only "stay-at-home soccer dads," but "househusbands"? Eh. Although his giddy-in-my-head writing style makes me think he may not actually interact with...
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Techno Difficulties

According to the NY Post, Maclaren Techno XT strollers have a problem: the wheels fall off, and it pitches your kid into the street. [Q: Does this mean the brake failure of the 2002 model's finally solved?] "We're victims of...
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