March 21, 2004

Four Seasons Hotel, 57 E 57th St - CLOSE ENOUGH

Lobby men's room is in the NE corner: NO, but there's almost enough counter space. In the absence of crowds, a sofa in one of the side lobbies might do. Your call....
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Posted by greg at 8:32 PM

Bergdorf Goodman, Fifth Avenue at 58th St - NO, NO

Men's store, 3rd floor: NO Women's store, 7th floor: NO...
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Posted by greg at 8:24 PM

Time Warner Mall, 10 Columbus Circle - YES, NO

Border's Books on the 2nd floor, behind the cafe: YES Whole Foods Market, basement, through the cafe area: YES Time Warner Mall on the 2nd & 3rd floors: NO Per Se: CLOSE ENOUGH, there are large, high-backed sofas just outside...
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Posted by greg at 8:16 PM

UrbanBaby Message Boards: Wild Mom-on-Mom Action

In today's NY Times fashion reporter Ginia Bellafante discovers the informative, life-affirming women's mudwrestling pit that is UrbanBaby's message boards. Because a request often seeks to justify one approach to child care or lifestyle over another, it can set off...
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Posted by greg at 8:00 AM