January 24, 2009

3-D Printing Of 4-D Ultrasounds

It's the kind of thing I'd expect to see first in Make Magazine, not the Daily Mail: a London ultrasound imaging center centre is supposedly offering to make 3-D prints of stills from 4-D ultrasound scans. I say supposedly,...
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January 10, 2009

Beards Over Babies T-Shirt: Cute But A Tough Sell

The beauty of Yo Gabba Gabba is it's unassailable merchandising logic. They're not just cranking out random dolls to capitalize on the show's popularity; the characters themselves are the dolls. Totally different! By weaving the product into the story,...
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December 19, 2008

DT Freakout Friday: Wasilla Edition

No, I didn't backdate this list of alarming parenting conclusions drawn from preliminary or narrow scientific research; it was just freaking you out so bad last night, you blocked it from your mind: Unmarried fathers who were involved in prenatal...
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December 16, 2008

Before There Was Ultrasound, There Was The Snow Obstetrical Calculator

With 4D photo studios popping up in malls, it's easy to forget that there was a time before ultrasound when pregnancy was a largely invisible mystery. Unless you don't count the X-rays to measure the size of the fetus's...
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December 11, 2008

There's A Twitterparty In My Tummy

Dude's working on a wearable belly sensor for his pregnant wife that posts to Twitter every time the baby kicks. Maybe if he adds a little techno sound chip, Safety 1st will help him market it to gullible pregnant people...
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November 28, 2008

DT Freakout Friday: Thanks A Lot Edition

Some alarming news and way-too-preliminary research to be thankful for this week: Thanks a lot, FDA, for the giant hit to your credibility about this whole melanine-in-baby-formula thing. I was all prepared to be all, "Bah, melamine-tainted formula is a...
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November 23, 2008

Radiolab: The Sperm Episode

We were driving back into the city Friday, and I switched the radio station and ended up in the last few minutes of the WNYC-produced series Radiolab. It was a woman talking about using her dead husband's sperm to conceive,...
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November 13, 2008

Cookie In The Oven?

The upscale online boutique Stupid.com is selling this fetus-shaped cookie cutter for $10, and that's all I'll have to say about that. update: Except to add that Jason Higgins, the creator of Fetal Bites, The Original Fetus-shaped Cookie Cutter,...
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November 7, 2008

It's The End Of The World As You Know It

You live in San Francisco. You find out you're having a kid, which means you'll never be able to hop in the car with your friends on a whim and just go wherever ever again. What better way to celebrate...
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November 5, 2008

A Place Full Of Babies Called Hope

My sense of Twitter is that it's perfectly suited for the fleeting thoughts that rarely made it out of your head, much less onto your blog. This theory is only supported by the multiple, simultaneous appearances of the Obama Baby...
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October 31, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: Spooked Edition

Happy Halloween! Just in case there wasn't enough to be scared about besides gay people getting married on the beach; Communist Muslim Terrorist Presidents winning in a landslide; lamp post-shimmying Phillies fans dropping from the sky; and the paralytic spasms...
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October 29, 2008

Brooke Shields: The Sally Struthers Of The Routan Generation

Uh, wow. I can understand how tough it must be to sell a rebranded Chrysler Town & Country minivan as an actual, German car. " But if I were in Volkswagen's marketing department, I probably would have gone the, "Technically,...
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October 25, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: Uh, Better Late Than Never? Edition

You know, these days it just seems like there's no shortage of things to freakout over--but here are a few more kid- and parenting-related bits of news and research to ruin your weekend quicker'n a rainstorm at the World Series:...
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September 27, 2008

Or Is It High-Margin Quackery 1st? "Safety 1st Babyplus Prenatal Education System"

If you will recall, after seeing one too many "Ooh, look! New gadget!" blog posts about the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System last year, I decided to investigate. At first, I was satisfied to find that not only was the...
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September 26, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: $700 Billion Dollars Worth Edition

Obviously, any freaking out you want to do over parenting and kid-related research pales in comparison to the seemingly thrown-together bailout of the global financial system. So let's cover that first, since our kids will still be paying for it...
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August 15, 2008

Is BabyTracker:Nursing The Only Decent Baby App On The iPhone?

Darren Andes' Baby Tracker: Nursing is a tap-friendly iPhone app that allows moms to log their breastfeeding activity, whether it's to keep track of how much and how long the kid's eating, or just to remember which side the...
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DT Friday Freakout: Put Down That Hot Danish Edition

Whew, never do the Friday Freakout first. Anyway, just in time for your weekend, here's a round-up of alarm[ing/ist] news from the worlds of baby-related science, health and safety: Not sure why this is news now, since the scientifically baseless...
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August 8, 2008

Dude. Maybe Baby May Be Having A Baby!

Wow, after 26 months of wrestling with infertility, blogger and DT pal Matthew M.F. Miller and his wife got the big news: the positive pregnancy test. Even more awesome: they found out just as he was doing a podcast to...
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August 4, 2008

Cord Blood Banking Is Utter Waste Of Time, Money, Say Cancer-Loving Baby Haters

The Boston Globe's Beverly Beckham went to the "Ultimate Baby Shower," at the Wellesley Club, and all she got was seriously pissed at how the whole thing was actually a PowerPointy sales pitch by the umbilical cord blood banking company,...
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June 30, 2008

What To Expect When You're A First-Time Expectant

I was talking with a baby gear company executive last week, and when she offhandedly used the term "first-time expectants," I stopped to quiz her about it. It's pretty obvious what and why the concept exists--if I were selling piles...
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June 24, 2008

Gloucester Mayor Waves Hands, Says It Wasn't Necessarily A 'Pact'

If you think that the high school principal calling a group of "seven or eight sophomore girls" trying to getting pregnant and raise their kids together a "pact" causes a media headache for the mayor, you're right. So far, no...
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June 20, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: A Very Special Episode Of Zoey 101 Edition

Ho-ly crap, just one link today, folks. The rest can wait: Time Magazine reports that "nearly half" of the 17 pregnancies this year at Gloucester High School turn out to be part of a pregnancy pact, a group of under-16...
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June 8, 2008

DT Friday Freaked Out: Extra Art Edition

Whoa, Azerbaijani dad-to-be working as a museum guard who should have been talking to someone instead of slashing a painting by one of my favorite artists with his keys:A former Carnegie Museum of Art guard charged with vandalizing a...
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May 22, 2008

Surrogate Brokers To The Stars! Actually, To Their Gay Agents And Publicists

W Magazine has a long, glowing profile of Growing Generations, a pioneering surrogacy consultancy and fertility center that is one of the first organizations founded to help gay and lesbian folks become parents. With offices in Los Angeles, Boston, and...
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May 13, 2008

Aussie Dad Wants You To Pay $188 To Beta Test His Pregnant Seatbelt Adapter

Tough call. The Tummy Shield was designed by an Australian dad, who spent years coming up with a way to prevent injuries to a fetus in the event a pregnant woman is in a car crash. An injury like the...
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April 28, 2008

WryBaby's Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips

David & Kelly Sopp's Safe Baby Pregnancy Tips has been around almost as long as their Safe Baby Handling Tips. But sometimes it takes someone posting damn near the whole thing online before it really sinks in. Though it's...
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April 23, 2008

Study: Boys're Always After Yer Lucky Charms

Never mind that the University of Exeter, UK study just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences [?] shows that higher nutrient, higher calorie diets at the time of conception are significantly linked to having a...
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March 26, 2008

Transgender Dude Wears The Pants, Carries The Baby In His Family

Thomas Beatie is not the first transitioned female-to-male transsexual to decide to get pregnant and have a baby. He's just the first to pose like Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair and to go public about his family's...
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March 23, 2008

BabyPlus Prenatal Education System: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

After identifying all the published evidence as self-promotional, unaccredited, non-science and the founder/inventor as a credential-faking huckster, I had figured my work with the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System was done. But then last week it turned up again, and the...
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March 21, 2008

CA Regs: Pregs Or No Legs, Everyone Parks For Free

A California state legislator from Orange County has introduced a bill that would grant all pregnant women "temporarily disabled" status for the last trimester, plus the first couple of months after giving birth. This would enable them to join the...
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March 17, 2008

Pregnant With Meaning: A Reproductive Reading Of What's Opera, Doc?

This morning I wrote a bit about the origins of the phrase, "the rabbit died," which was a common, if inaccurate, euphemism for a positive result on a pregnancy test, which in post-WWII America was called the rabbit test....
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From Kill The Wabbit To Pee On A Stick: A History Of The Pregnancy Test

1978 is the 30th anniversary of the home pregnancy test, which was developed by pioneering researchers in reproductive endocrinology at the National Institutes of Health. "A Thin Blue Line" is the NIH's online history of the project, and it makes...
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February 19, 2008

All The IVF Twins News That's Fit To Print, And Then Some

Last week, the Trouble With Twins was all about getting into preschools on the Upper West Side and double stroller gridlock at Fairway. This week, it's all oocytes and comparative genomic hybridization. From the NY Times' apparently weekly series of...
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February 15, 2008

Abercrombie & Fists: Pregnant Drunk Attacks Unhelpful Barmaid

It was last call, 1:30 AM Saturday morning, when Keisharra Larae Abercrombie, 30, of Rochester, NY PA flew into a rage and started throwing stuff at the bartender who refused to serve her another drink because she was too drunk--and...
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Kirsten Stoltmann And Amanda Ross-Ho's Artwork Would Indeed Make Quite A Poster

This Kirsten Stoltmann collage, "I'm Pregnant," was shown a couple of years ago at Wallspace Gallery in Chelsea. It is not the Kirsten Stoltmann pregnant image that NY Times critic Roberta Smith wants to see turned into a poster...
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January 23, 2008

Oh, Crap: NYT Tests Our Maguro, Finds Freakout Levels Of Mercury

The New York Times had tuna sushi from 20 Manhattan stores and restaurants tested for mercury, and they found levels so high, they freaked out the chefs and restaurant owners and everyone else. Samples came from places we go, too:...
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January 14, 2008

NYT/Babycenter: Hotels Not Just For Sleeping Anymore

What, exactly is going on in the next room? Well, if you're at the Parrot Mill Inn B&B in Chatham, New Jersey, it's probably a latenight lactation consultation for frustrated new parents. That's where the $500/night [!] Mommy Nest suite...
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December 21, 2007

DT Window Shopping Roundup: Wooden Bikes, Euro Magazines, Baby Daddy Edition

Some things spotted around the web: Even though they're tacky and kind of insipid--well, the World Wildlife Federation was, the one for bigger kids, from National Geographic, is not that bad--the kid absolutely loves getting her magazines. It's mail! For...
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December 20, 2007

The Dad In The Yuppie Bubble

He did not have me at "Mies van der Rohe townhouse," but I must admit, I am falling in love with JD's Detroit. If I were a young artist I'd bail on NYC and make a beeline for that place,...
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December 11, 2007

DT Checklist: What Do You Mean, "Contractions??"

So over the weekend, my wife has these phantom contractions or practice contractions or whatever it is that suddenly turns her belly into a cannonball, and they're so persistent, she comes home and says, "I think we should get the...
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November 23, 2007

Ant Farm Helps Babyplus Technology Break On Through To The Other Side

One title that's been on my "must find" list for a long time is Inflatocookbook, a 1971 self-published manifesto and how-to manual for inflatable architecture by the San Francisco-based art collective known as Ant Farm. I just found a...
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November 21, 2007

IVF Researchers: Skipping Straight To IVF Saves Time, Uh, Money

On Slate, Sarah E. Richards discusses a new NIH-sponsored study by Dartmouth IVF researchers that shows by skipping hormone injections and going straight to IVF, couples got pregnant three months faster, with fewer treatment cycles, and with a lower average...
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November 13, 2007

so tired. so so tired.

holy smokes, I'm tired. I'd ask when it all stops, and I can take a break, but we've got the other kid coming in like eight weeks now. plus the book, the house, the holidays, and on and on and...
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October 4, 2007

DT Headline Roundup: Keeping Up Edition

A few quick items to clear out the browser tabs: There's a party in my tummy tuck! Can't quite figure out what the takeaway is on the "Mom Job" post-pregnancy plastic surgery package article in the NYT, but Karen's quote...
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September 20, 2007

BabyPlus Inventor Responds: 'I Am Not A Quack. Also, Buy My Book.'

Dr. Brent Logan, PhD., the self-esteemed neurogeneticist/psychologist, is the inventor of the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System, the only prenatal rhythm sequencer-on-a-beltpack endorsed by both 02138 Magazine: The World of Harvard AND famous pregnancy expert Nicole Richie. Logan invented the system...
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September 19, 2007

Tramp Stamped And Pierced And Pregnant? Big Deal!

"Why Some Expectant Moms Are Worried About Tattoos"? Uh, how about because the Wall Street Journal keeps a non-issue alive by joining a five-year-long daisy chain of non-stories in pregnancy magazines and message boards about the non-existent incompatibility between epidurals...
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September 3, 2007

William Hunter's Anatomia Uteri Humani Gravidi, 1774

William Hunter became one of the most famous anatomists and obstetricians in 18th century Europe. Over the courser of 30-odd years, he worked with the artist Jan van Rymsdyk to produce what's considered one of the greatest achievements in...
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August 30, 2007

BabyPlus Prenatal Audio System Makes Normal Babies Look Like Geniuses Compared To Their Stupid Parents

So I'm reading and enjoying Joel's return to gadgetblogging at BoingBoing, when I see a post about the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System, [$150] which provides a "curriculum" of 16 audio rhythms, basically remixes of the mother's heartbeat, which get piped...
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August 19, 2007

Electricity Aquarian? Oh, It's A Source Family Name.

Isis, Omne, Magus, Electra, Orbit, Electricity, Djin, Sunflower, Damian, Lotus, Goddess, Octavius, Pythias, Rhythm, Sol Amon, Aquariana, Zoraster, Ahom, Omega, "cannot remember his name." Those are some of the first names I rounded up of members of The Source Family,...
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August 16, 2007

Another White House Intern Scores! Jenna Bush Set To Marry Baby Daddy

Congratulations to former Karl Rove intern Henry Hager [above, top] and Jenna Bush [above, bottom, obviously], who have discovered that pre-marital sex is not, after all, a faith-based program. The couple's engagement--and so far, only their engagement--was announced today...
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What's In Your Circumcision Library?

So we're waiting at the OB's office for the 20-week ultrasound visit yesterday, when I spy this Newsweek blurbicle with Brooklyn novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, whose "My Five Most Important Book" list was topped with, "The Holy Bible: Genesis."...
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July 23, 2007

You Are What You Eat, And For New Yorkers, That Means Mercury-Laden Fish

A couple of very interesting research results for the food-and-baby-conscious New Yorker: First, new mom Meg Hourihan [mazeltov!] has a very enlightening discussion of how to decide what to eat during pregnancy. Statistically, her data sample has problems, since it's...
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July 17, 2007

Stranger Pregnancy: Seattle Writer On Wanting To Knock Her Boyfriend Up

Writer Jen Graves takes a long, circuitous, and self-involved look at pregnancy in the way that only someone writing for the Seattle indie paper The Stranger could. The gist of the piece: an unexpected pregnancy and an even more unexpected...
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Sushi During Pregnancy? You're Eating For Two; Get The Platter.

Asian food writer Steven A. Shaw guts, skins, and filets the American medical community's warped recommendations about eating sushi during pregnancy. Then he slices them into tasty, bite-sized morsels and serves them up in the New York Times today:WHEN my...
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July 14, 2007

Sperm Donors Work, Egg Donors Nurture: Parenting Stereotypes In The Assisted Reproduction Marketplace

Peggy Orenstein, who covers the uterus beat for The New York Times Magazine, has a long, fascinating, and somewhat frustrating article charting the socioemotional landscape of egg donation. It's all worth reading, but Orenstein's account of surfing an egg donor...
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June 17, 2007

Art Bee-Powered Pregalyzer

Regine's in the throes of art-meets-technology sensory overload at the Royal College of Art graduate exhibition in London. That's where she saw Susana Soares' project, Bee's, which explores "how we might co-habit with natural biological systems and use their...
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June 14, 2007

Male Physiological Changes: What You Didn't Expect When You're Expecting

In Slate, Emily Anthes has a very interesting round-up of research into the physiological, chemical, hormonal, and neuronal changes men undergo during pregnancy and fatherhood. It's interesting, but also short; one of Anthes' main points is how little interest scientists...
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June 12, 2007

Urologists Talking Shop, Or, The NY Times Sperm FAQ

Maybe if we didn't have the Yankees-Red Sox playoffs of 2004, men might ramble on about the minutiae of sperm instead. And the result would have been pretty much the same as the NY Times' article. Is that hard to...
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June 8, 2007

It Takes Huge Balls To Write About Infertility

It was a combination of smug self-satifaction and cluelessness that kept me thinking, "Gee, why aren't more people applauding my hilarious LOLSperm Test post the other day? That stuff was FUNNY." The truth, of course, is that dealing with infertility...
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June 5, 2007

37 Things A Bloke Should Know About Daddying

A couple of weeks ago, the British NHS [no, I don't know what it stands for; probably some raging communist thing] published an 8-page magazine supplement titled, 37 Things Every Man Should Know Before He Becomes A Dad which,...
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June 4, 2007

It's My Sperm In A Box! Male At-Home Fertility Test Goes On Sale In US

The Fertell male fertility test popped up around here last year when it was introduced in the UK. While its innovative adaptation of clinically proven sperm motility testing to a self-administered, at-home setting is laudable, especially because men are...
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May 25, 2007

Bollx! Brit Gov Docs Nix Preg Drinks

The "just a glass of wine with dinner" and "me mum said somedays, the only thing she could keep down was a Guiness" crowds just got a little thinner today. The UK government just changed their official recommendation about drinking...
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May 21, 2007

Why Are All The Crazy Parents Vegan?

If 2006 was the peak year for meat-eating meatheads to leave their kids with the valet parking guy, I really hope 2004 was the high watermark for vegan parenting stupidity. That's the year Coney Island vegan dad Raphael Spindell kidnapped...
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May 16, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres Induces...Mayhem! By Giving Away 300 Bugaboos?

Let me lift the burden of uncertainty from your lives right now: you will never need to wonder, as Kerrie did in an email yesterday, "Did you see Ellen on [DAY OF WEEK OR REALLY, ANY MOMENT IN TIME BETWEEN...
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May 9, 2007

Increased Down Syndrome Testing Prompts Grass Roots Campaign By DS Parents

There's a fascinating article in the NY Times today about Down Syndrome screening, and a couple of must-see videos, too. When the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists officially recommended the newer, much less risky prenatal screening be offered...
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May 3, 2007

Slate: Everything You Didn't Know You Wanted To Know About The Fertility Industry Because You Were Too Emotionally Involved To Ask

Slate has short reviews of two books that deal with the unspoken or unregulated implications of fertility treatments: Liza Mundy's Everything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction Is Changing Men, Women, and the World and Peggy Orenstein's more experiential Waiting For Daisy,...
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April 26, 2007

One Man's Decision Whether To Have An Abortion

Unlike DBB, I am a religious guy. But like DBB, though, I think a lot of the time I've mentally sidestepped the political questions surrounding abortion, falling back on my own, personal lack of a uterus, and because they've been...
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March 28, 2007

No Sushi, No Beef, No Sushi, No Beef

First, let me take back the headline. Sure, a University of Rochester study just showed that the sons of women who ate a lot of beef during pregnancy showed sperm count decreases of as much as 25%, which researchers linked...
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If You're Receiving, Then You're Not Thinking About Syphillis

Can't decide whether to file this one in the Never-on-Bloggingbaby folder, or the Front-Page-of-StrollerDerby folder. Or maybe the health risks to the fetus of extra-marital blowjobs during pregnancy are significant enough to warrant their own folder. From Dan Savage's...
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March 27, 2007

AP To Paralyzed Guy: You Want Hard? Try Writing About Electroejaculation

Even when the benefits to getting the word out are obvious, you have to wonder sometimes how some news stories come [sic] about. For example, this almost hilariously uncomfortable AP story about how most men with spinal cord injuries can...
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March 22, 2007

Unbelievable Headlines! Gay Uncles And Sperm Switcheroos

Which of these stories is more headscratching? I think we need a baffle-off: 1] Is Yoya at risk of losing its core target market?? A gay uncle in the fashion industry [punchline writes self] shops Yoya, the West Village temple...
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March 15, 2007

It's As If Tom Brady Was Playing Pop Warner

A couple of days ago, dt reader Monica, inspired by "Irish twins," coined a term that, I think we all agree, must catch on immediately:Brady Twins n. plural: Babies born within nine months of one another and sharing the same...
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March 8, 2007

Mr. Hochstein, Your Son Is On The Phone. He Says He Has Some Exciting News.

So word on random Brazilian gossip websites is that Tom Brady got Gisele Bundchen pregnant. too. No consensus yet on Deadspin over whether this would make him the Kevin Federline, the Steve Garvey, or the NBA of the NFL. Tom...
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February 22, 2007

Gooooooooal! World Cup Sex Produces German Baby Mini-Boom

OK, so the only actual data mentioned in the article is a 10-15% increase in births at the "largest birth clinic in Kassel." The German media is convinced there is a baby boom right now, and that it's related to...
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February 20, 2007

Hallmark Tries To Conceive...Of More Occasions To Send A Card

I guess cards with ready-to-go, sympathetic sentiments about infertility and miscarriage signal some kind of lifting of lonely taboos of silence, but still, they seem a little odd. Hallmark Journeys: The Right Words Help Cope. With Family Matters [hallmark...
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February 18, 2007

Things A Sperm Bank Director Would Say

“It’s kind of an arms race.” “If you have a 5-foot-7 or -8 donor who is a medical student or Ph.D. scientist, that outweighs the height issue in many situations.” “Women sort of fall in love with him." “We...
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February 15, 2007

Pregnancy T-Shirt Helps Skinny Women Celebrate A Little Bit Of Fat

After she had a kid, Frederique Daubal designed this limited edition t-shirt for Hint, the online fashion magazine: "It's an homage to femininity," she says about the pregnancy motif, "and the poetic explosion that happens in the belly and...
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February 12, 2007

London Preschool Admission Antics In Place For >100 Years

So supposedly, London's private preschools are a madhouse to get into, but not like New York's. It's not based on the parents, or some gnomic playdate/audition; it's first-come-first-served from the moment of birth. Only now that the numbers are so...
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February 7, 2007

When A Man And A Woman Love Each Other Very Much, But They Only Want A Boy...

The NY Times has a primer on fetal sex selection technology so basic, it actually includes a definition of in vitro fertilization and the phrase, "because it is the sperm and not the egg that determines a baby’s sex." But...
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February 4, 2007

"Pre-Natal Pretties Pageant" From Mr. Show

"They have such high self-esteem, they can't wait to be born!" Mr. Show - Prenatal Pageant [youtube via mefi]...
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January 30, 2007

Dear Japan, Maybe It's Your 70-hr Work Week

It's not just Japan. Seems the French birthrate is in the news, too. With their 35-hour work weeks, France now has the highest birthrate in Europe. And if the Minister of Health says that "Women are love-making machines," no one...
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Sure Enough, He Said "Women Are Birthing Machines"

The first wire report over the weekend of Japanese Health Minister, 71-year old Hakuo Yanagisawa, calling women "baby-birthing machines" was the Kyodo English service, and though I dug around, I couldn't find the actual Japanese quote anywhere. Was it one...
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January 16, 2007

Jizo, Mizuko, And The Japanese View Of Miscarriage

After her Princess Industrial Complex article a few weeks back, a friend reminded me of a much earlier article Peggy Orenstein had written for the NY Times Magazine about having a miscarriage while on assignment in Japan. I vaguely remembered...
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January 2, 2007

Golf Cub

Buick spokesmodel Tiger Woods announced his wife Elin Nordegren [check all that apply: Swedish/bikini model/twin/nanny], is pregnant, and so far, the sports world's headline writers have showed remarkable restraint. [Though at least one true believer has already predicted that the...
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December 20, 2006

I like 'em fat like that, too!

Let the cats all criticize, Joke about my baby's size; She's reet with me Because you see: I like 'em fat like that. When she bounces down the street, She's a whole heap o' honey, and ain't she sweet? Feels...
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December 19, 2006

Belly Door By Elmgreen & Dragset

A few years back, some artist friends in Berlin, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, made a series of sculpture/installations that involved doors. Doors with two handles, doors two doors facing each other and chained together, etc. The idea seems...
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December 15, 2006

Christmas Is The Time For Sharing

If this quote is abrupt enough to get you to watch Diane Sawyer just to see if that's really how Angelina Jolie talks, the USA Today's editors will bring home the prize Turkey in the Poulterer's window, not the little...
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December 12, 2006

UK IVF Law Changes: Fathers Less Necessary Than Sperm

A government white paper recommending changes to the UK's regulations governing sperm donors is expected to be released Friday. The Daily Mail got all worked up over a leak of the report, which is expected to do away with the...
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December 6, 2006

Dwarfist, Deaf Parents Down With PGD

[Q: Is Dwarfist a word?] A recent survey of 190 clinics offering Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis, or PGD, found that in 3% of cases, PGD was used to select embryos with a particular genetic anomaly, not without. Those cases were either...
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December 1, 2006

Le Petit Prince, Le Ventre Geant

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Germany, a happy couple prepares for the arrival of their baby by decorating the nursery, or kinderzimmer, as it's known over there, with a delicately rendered scene from The Little Prince. And an equally masterful, silvered...
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November 30, 2006

His First Word Was, "Smoke? Smoke?"

It's been known for a while that a baby's tastes for things are influenced by what the mother takes in while she's pregnant: salty, spicy, broccoli--and now cigarettes. According to a long-term study from the University of Queensland, Australia, kids...
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November 29, 2006

FLASH: Non-Alcoholic Beer Just Not The Same For Some

After reading this agonized NYT article about how some women decide to have a drink now and then when they're pregnant, I am dying to hear some French mom confess to eating a salad:Many women who choose to drink have...
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South African Man Not Pregnant, Just Lazy, Stupid

Seems a Johannesburg man figured if he just had a certificate from a doctor, he could take a week off of work. So he grabbed one at the OB's office. 'Pregnant' man fined in SA court [bbc via tmn]...
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November 28, 2006

NYT Checks In On Pre-Conception Health

According to the New York Times, men just have to avoid paint and giving their future baby mamma the clap. Women, on the other hand, well, infant mortality researchers say that women in the reproductive stage of their lives should...
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November 27, 2006

Uh, So About That Miscarriage Taboo...

Not to be the unsupportive one pushing people back into the closet of miscarriage silence, or anything, I'm just saying... wow. In The Grip of Nature's Own Form Of Birth Control [nyt]...
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November 26, 2006

New Book Helps You Worry Productively About Green Pregnancy

How can you not love neurotic New Yorkers? Seriously. Either you nod your head vigorously and go, "I know! Me too!" when they give you their paranoid shpiel, or their obsessive worrying about things you barely even thought about makes...
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November 25, 2006

Read This Month's Vogue Magazine, Just Be Careful

So I was flipping through my wife's Vogue, trying to help her get out the door by distracting the kid, and so I do an off-the-cuff play-by-play of each page, that is until the kid goes, "Tell me the story...
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November 22, 2006

BabyPlanners Let You Outsource Everything But The Womb

Pregnant but too busy to do anything about it? Why not let the experts at Baby Planners take care of all that annoying stuff like finding and reading pregnancy books, getting gear and furniture and setting up a nursery, finding...
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Male Contraceptive Article Ribbed For Your Pleasure

Researchers are closing in on a viable male contraceptive, but major hurdles remain: do men identify too closely with their sperm to give it up, even temporarily? Is this "share the responsibility" thing gonna fly on the dating scene? Are...
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November 20, 2006

OMFCNG! [Hint: The Last Three Are 'Chocolate Nursing Goddess']

Canadian artist Veronica Stewart's elemental sculpture of a mother nursing her child is available in chocolate. At just under 8 oz. and about three inches high, it would fit nicely in the cup of your hand, though it has...
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November 11, 2006

Q: Can They Finish The Prefab Before The Baby Comes?

Well, it's not strictly prefab, just rapidfab; but they are definitely expecting a baby. The architect duo Linda Taalman & Alan Koch designed the iT House, a sleek, bolt-together aluminum-and-glass system, to be easy and quick to construct. Their...
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November 10, 2006

It's Dutch's Prerogative

Whoa. I-- whoa. Let me just go on record and say that if it means more tours de forces demonstrations like this where Dutch gets to show off his mastery of Bobby Brown lyrics, I hope the man keeps on...
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October 23, 2006

Bless You, Pete Doherty. Bless You, Kate Moss.

The last few weeks as we've been ironing out the details and the concept, I've had a single, anxious doubt running through my brain: "But what if no one really disastrously famous has a baby next spring? Who'd care about...
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Annie Liebovitz Naked On A Cold Day!

Annie Liebovitz naked on a cold day! Naked and pregnant, and striking a particularly Demi Moorish pose, you might say The Vanity Fair caption reads Dec. 15, 2001 [gawker]...
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October 18, 2006

Libertée, Egalitée, Maternitée

Vivent les poitrines de la République! Marianne, breastfeeder of the nation, by Daumier [via musee d'orsay] What with all the guaranteed maternity leave, subsidized childcare--including government-subsidized daycare or tax credits for nannies--government bonus payments for having multiple children, and...
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October 12, 2006

Scientists: Cat People Have More Boys

Researchers in the Czech Republic have found that women with high levels of the toxoplasma antibody have a 72% chance of giving birth to a boy, compared to the average 51% chance. The Toxoplasma parasite, which can cause birth...
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October 1, 2006

Trying On The Bjorn

Paul Hammond's a techie in the UK who's expecting a baby with his wife any day now. His flickr photostream is studded with shots from daddy class, strollershopping, and this photo, taken at the very moment he realizes his...
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September 27, 2006

Gastroschisis And Omphalocele Turn Out To Be Quite Different

The death of Rev. Run's daughter soon after her delivery by C-section last week might tee up debates somewhere about reality television and what point you stop the cameras--and about the ethics of hyping a show around a celebrity pregnancy...
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Scientists To Dads: Pick The Right Week To Give Up Snorting Paint Thinner

Researchers in the Netherlands and Canada found that men who were regularly exposed to airborne paint solvents--they studied painters--in the three months before their partners got pregnant were six times more likely to have a kid with a congenital malformation...
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September 24, 2006

Studley Friend Finds Jesus In Ultrasound

If I'm non-plussed by the sighting of Jesus in a Studley, Warwickshire couple's ultrasound image, it's partly because Jesus is one of the most popular Spanish boy's names out there, so technically, ultrasounds with a Jesus in them happen...
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September 19, 2006

Papa Don't Lynch: I Wanna Keep Mein Kampf

Yeow. When they found out their 19-yo daughter's baby daddy is black, the Nicholas Kampfs tied her up and threw her into the car, so they could drive her to New York. Because I guess it's easier to get a...
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Pregnant Chicks Now Selling Cars, Beer*

Beer Ads* in Brazil, car show booth babes in Spain. Can boxing ring girls be far behind? It's Official. Hot Pregnant Women to Replace Stupid Men In Ads [adrants via gawker, who has more images] Seat Altea: The Family Sports...
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September 17, 2006

Ultrasound Makes Indian Female Infanticide So Much Easier

Not a story for the faint of heart, this Reuters report on a Punjabi female fetus abortion clinic running under the guise of a maternity hospital is written in the rather sensationalistic style of the Indian newspapers. The takeaway, though,...
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September 6, 2006

A Dad-To-Be's Tribute To His Dad

My step-father passed away a couple of months before the kid was born [stage 2 pancreatic cancer]. And even with a strongly held faith that our family will rally after this life, sometimes it's hard to be reminded that she'll...
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September 2, 2006

You Down With PGD? No "Wait & See"

The NY Times has a long article on the expanding frequency and breadth of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or P.G.D. PGD involves removing a cell from an 8-cell embryo for genetic screening. Then if it passes, that embryo is implanted using...
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August 30, 2006

Two Trojans, And They Still Get Pregnant

USC Heisman Trophy winner and new Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart and his former [at least] girlfriend, USC basketball playing Junior Brynn Cameron are reportedly expecting a child in November. Leinart described Cameron as his girlfriend in 2005, but he...
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August 16, 2006

Lennart Nilsson's A Child Is Born, And That NOVA Episode You Remember

In the mid-1950's, Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson pioneered the use of endoscopy to take pictures inside the human body. Starting in 1965, his unbelievable photos of in utero fetuses and zygotes were published in magazines all over the world, and...
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July 19, 2006

What I'm Reading On The Train: Preeclampsia & Sex Selection

The New Yorker's got a long article about research into the causes and possible early diagnosis and preventitive measures for preeclampsia. THE PREECLAMPSIA PUZZLE Making sense of a mysterious pregnancy disorder. by JEROME GROOPMAN [newyorker.com] Meanwhile, when Manhattanites decide to...
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July 13, 2006

Zygote Daddy & The Non-Epiphany

All bizarre books and Danish high chairs aside for a moment. It's stuff like this that really keeps me going: Zygote Dad wrote about that realization of the impending reality of fatherhood:Hmm. So now that I come to it, the...
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July 11, 2006

Better Impregnate While You Can, Fellas; We're About To Be Replaced By Stem Cell Sperm

Sure, at the moment, the British scientists who successfully created 'artificial sperm' from embryonic stem cells, then created embryos with that sperm, then watched 6 out of 7 of the mice born from those embryos grew to adulthood, are claiming...
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June 29, 2006

Pregnancy And Sex: Related After All?

Since no one else in the birthing/parenting/pregnancy industrial complex was talking about it, sex writer Susie Bright goes on a long, very open, and very revealing exploration of women's actual sexual experience during pregnancy, during delivery, and after giving birth....
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US Leads World In Morally Ambiguous Stockpiling Of Frozen Embryos

In the UK, unused embryos from IVF and other fertility treatments are destroyed after five years. Other countries mandate that any embryos created during IVF must be transferred for implantation. In the largely unregulated and privately funded US fertility industry,...
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June 26, 2006

Japanese Love Baseball, But Not Home Runs

Researchers have concluded that Japan's alarmingly low birth rate is caused by an alarmingly lower having sex rate. Well, there's your problem right there [reuters/yahoo via tmn]...
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June 21, 2006

Your Post-Vasectomy Reversal Boys Can Swim, But What Happens When They Get There?

A study by university researchers in Bangkok shows that post-vasectomy, the incidence of sperm with chromosomal abnormalities such aneuploidy or diploidy [different numbers of certain chromosomes, or a full double set, respectively] increases dramatically. Post-vasectomy? Those guys are out of...
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June 11, 2006

A British New Dad Writes (And Writes) About The Pull Of Work And Fatherhood

There's a looong article by a new dad in today's UK Observer. I tried to find the Big Idea nuggets to quote and give a sense of the whole thing, but there's really so much in there, it's like dads...
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June 10, 2006

CDC: Do You Have A "Reproductive Life Plan"?

Because for many preventitive fetal and maternal health measure, "the horse is already out of the barn" by the time the bun is in the oven, the CDC convened a panel to formulate preconception health standards and recommendations. In a...
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May 30, 2006

Wow, The Only Thing Slate Left Off Is The Pick-up Lines

If you can get past the story of an STD surge at Florida retirement communities, the last Human Nature column in Slate before a two-month hiatus is a fertile field of pregnancy- and kid-related science findings from all over. Guess...
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May 25, 2006

The Latest In Jacks Baby News

DWRJax got the axe. [dt] Jack White and his model wife Karen Elson had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. [dt] Jack Black and his recently eloped-with wife confirmed they are expecting a baby boy in early June....
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May 19, 2006

Predikten Ur BabyGenderen? Unglaublich!

"Unglaublich!" It's one of the few words of German I picked up as a kid. I learned from the X-Men. Every once in a while, Nightcrawler [the blue one who's not Rebecca Romijn] would shout it out. It means "Unbelievable!"...
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May 8, 2006

Crazy Man Prompts Bill Banning Private Ultrasound Sales In CA

So apparently some looney tunes in Hollywood bought an ultrasound machine for his house so he could check out the ol' fetus any time he wanted, and now some California state legislature has introduced a law that would restrict ultrasound...
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May 3, 2006

Lovely, Who's The Father? Could It Be...Satan??

I don't know about you, but for all my eschatological questions, I turn to the Biblical translation historians at Gawker Media's tabloid news site, Sploid.com. That's where we learn that some pregnant Christian ladies are worried about having their babies...
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May 2, 2006

Men Besides Tony Randall Have Biological Clock After All. [And He's Dead.]

After so many centuries living next to the French, you'd figure the British would have managed to deal with their sense of inadequacy in the wooing and babymaking department, but nooo. A study into the causes of the UK's dropping...
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April 30, 2006

What? There Are Only 727 OB's In Japan?

I knew Japan had an alarmingly low birth rate, and that the kinds of gender inequities women face in the workplace, particularly after getting married and/or deciding to have children, are huge. But apparently, they're also closing maternity wards and...
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Notable Kid-Related Patents of 2002

Every once in a while, Totally Absurd Inventions has a kid-related patent, but they're usually rocket-shaped prams from 1930 or something, so they're usually untraceable. It's not that I doubt they're real, just that I like to see the documentation...
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April 29, 2006

Daniel Raeburn Writes About His Stillborn Daughter In The New Yorker

In this week's New Yorker, Daniel Raeburn tells of Hemingway once boasting that he could write an entire novel with only six words: "Asked to prove it, he took a napkin and wrote, 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn.'" At...
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April 18, 2006

Pregnancy Simulators Grow Up So Fast, Too

And no, I'm not talking about Katie Holmes. In January 2005, Regine posted about a Johns Hopkins-designed pregnancy and birth simulation robot that was used to train medical students. It measured how much pressure was being applied where on the...
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April 17, 2006

You: "The Kid Is Not My Son." Study: 70% Of The Time, It Is.

A University of Oklahoma researcher is publishing a study about contested paternity results in the Summer issue of Current Anthropology. The findings show that in more than 70% of the cases where paternity is enough in doubt to land in...
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April 13, 2006

Unidentified Los Angeles Man Makes It Through Baby Shower Alive

Not getting beaten with a stick or shot is definitely something to celebrate. [image: people.com] Previously: "Baby Shower Gone Bad"...
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April 6, 2006

"Baby Shower Gone Bad"

Horrible story, but it's headlines like this that make dadblogging all worthwhile. Pregnant woman beaten at baby shower [cnn via tmn]...
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Michigan Musicians Mating: Sufjan Stevens & Rosie Thomas

From that paragon of parenting information online, Pitchfork, comes news that Michigan geek-folk-rocker Sufjan Stevens and ex-Sub Popper Rosie Thomas have announced a collaboration with "Philly singer-songwriter Denison Witmer. "The trio shacked up at Suf-jeezy's pad in New York City...
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March 22, 2006

"Any Kids?" "Not That I Know Of."

When they're considered at all, it turns out fathers are little more than speed bumps to be driven over and ignored on the way to a smooth and uncontestable adoption. That's more or less my takeaway from the NY Times'...
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More Lessons In Gay Daddy Etiquette From Page Six

Here's a tip about talking with gay dads, from DT reader Jeff, who, with his partner Mark, has a year-plus-old daughter Chloe:After people learn we worked with a surrogate, they typically ask, "Who is the father?" The question offends us,...
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March 16, 2006

Pregnancy As A Genetic Tug-Of-War?

I'm still struggling silently to wrap my head around that article from the Times the other day, the one about pregnancy being a subtle struggle between the competing self-interests of the mother and the fetus. It's fascinating stuff, but the...
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March 15, 2006

Jann Wenner And The Protocols Of Gay Parenting

While Jann Wenner and his wife have three kids already, the Rolling Stone and Us Weekly publisher is apparently now having a baby with his longtime boyfriend, too, art dealer/model/whatever Matt Nye. [Congrats, fellas!] Since there are like five senior...
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March 13, 2006

A Wrongful Birth? The Moral/Emotional Landscape That Doesn't Show Up In The Sonogram

Wow. I'd put off reading Elizabeth Weil's NYT Magazine article about the emerging concept of wrongful birth, but now I'm glad I did. It does a pretty great job of laying out the emotional, moral, ethical, and medical issues that...
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February 27, 2006

Brooklyn Baby Store Bankruptcy Auction: Everything Must Go! Tomorrow, 2/28

MB Furniture Discount Store was in business for over 50 years in Brooklyn, until it went bankrupt. Now, all the contents of their retail location AND their warehouse are being sold at auction TOMORROW, Tuesday 2/28 at 11:00 AM....
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February 21, 2006

Baby Boom Contributes To Hamptons Summer Rental War?

Uh, I guess I'm not going to dispel the notion that I'm writing for an elitist demographic this week... According to one realtor talking to the NY Post, one of the reasons there's a run on good summer rentals in...
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February 19, 2006

"So Mom, Have You Looked At The Blog Today?"

New dad-to-be Allen chose his birthday brunch to tell his mother that he and his wife Elaine are having a baby, Then he posted the videotaped reaction from Grandma-to-be. It's pretty awesome. Not shown: the scene about half an hour...
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February 7, 2006

JAMA: Moms Get Antidepressants, Babies Get Withdrawal

To my untrained ear, the symptoms of Newborn Abstinence Syndrome sound a lot like the symptoms of Newborn Baby Syndrome: "high-pitched crying, tremors and disturbed sleep." But apparently there's a difference, and new study reveals that NAS has shown up...
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February 1, 2006

Big Man Bags Lad Mag For Dad Gig

Brit-in-NY Andy Clerkson, the Editorial Director of Dennis Publishing, and one of the men who brought gear and breasts to mens' attention all across the English-speaking world [thanks, I can't even remember what we obsessed over before Stuff and Maxim...
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January 18, 2006

Brangelinadilla on ebay

No sign of Angelina Jolie's ultrasound pictures on ebay, but. I did find is this: the so-called Brangelinadilla: "Could this silhouette that was burned onto my tortilla actually be the first image of Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitts' baby???...
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January 16, 2006

300 Millionth American To Be Conceived Soon

According to the Census Bureau's best calculations, the 300 millionth American will probably be born in October in the southwest to an Anglo or Hispanic family. Magazines and marketers and TV talk shows are expected to get all excited about...
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January 12, 2006

CF Carrier Screening & Beyond

A dad-to-be writes in: My wife is pregnant, and we have both tested as positive CF carriers. (Cystic Fibrosis). We are going to see a geneticist early next week, wondering what to expect. Kind of a downer as opposed to...
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Activist Judge Condemns Unborn To Hell[ish Commute]

A Godless, activist judge has ruled that a fetus is not a person--for purposes of using the carpool lane, anyway. While fetuses and blow-up dolls are being oppressed, . Who do the liberals running our coutry consider a "person"? Hookers,...
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January 11, 2006


Drop what you're doing and join the melee. The whole celebrity industrial complex is en fuego today with the earthshattering news that the tabloid cover-hogging couple, Darren Aronofsky [freaky writer/director] and Rachel Weisz [the next Helena Bonham-Carter, only Jewish, and...
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Angelina Jolie Knocked Up By The Manny

From Celebrity Baby Blog: "The report says that Angelina is due this summer. Source: People Thanks to the 80 CBB Readers who emailed us ." And thanks to the zero DT readers who emailed us. I assume you're all too...
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January 5, 2006

How Many Little People?: Male Home Fertility Test Looks Like Fisher Price

And in other How's Your Sperm Doin'? news, a British company has developed the first male home fertility test [that doesn't involve someone else peeing on a stick a few weeks later], which will go on sale this month. It...
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December 29, 2005

In Other News Of The Apocalypse, The Man Show Host Adam Carolla To Reproduce

Decades of giving teenagers in SoCal blowjob advice on Loveline seems to have finally paid off for Adam Carolla, who's wife is now pregnant with the couple's first child. If you are the viewer of Carolla's latest house renovation TV...
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December 21, 2005

Congratulations, Gavin Rossdale! [Both Times]

It used to be a guy had to pull a Federline [1] to hear the "Guess what, you're a dad!" announcement twice in just a few months. But Gavin Rossdale shows there's another way: get your girlfriend wife [thanks, A]...
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December 13, 2005

And In Other Pregnant Skydiver News...

Until Shayna Richardson of Siloam Springs, Arka. took her first solo jump out of an airplane--and crash-landed on her face in a parking lot when her chutes didn't open, and survived, only to learn that she was two months pregnant...
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December 9, 2005

Step-Dad Matt Damon To Be, What, "Biological Dad"?

Another man within the orbit of Angelina Jolie is getting all daddied up. This time it's Matt Damon, who's shooting a film, The Good Shepherd, with Jolie in NYC at the moment. Damon's already doing the step-dad thing with his...
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FDA Issues Paxil Warning: Pregnancy Just Got More Depressing

The FDA issued recommendations that pregnant women taking Paxil should consult with their doctors about switching because of a significantly increased incidence of fetal heart defects associated with the antidepressant. I'd go into more detail, but unfortunately, I don't know...
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December 8, 2005

OperaMan To Become OperaDad

Seems that Adam Sandler and his wife are going to have a baby next spring. Lovely, but I have four words to say to that: hot water burn baby. Sandler, wife, expecting first child [canoe.ca] Watch "Hot Water Burn Baby,"...
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November 21, 2005

Fetal & Embryonic Genetic Testing In The NYT

Two heavy articles in the NYT today on the uses of genetic testing in the earliest stages of conception and pregnancy: First, a report on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, or P.G.D., in which embryos from high-risk parents (e.g., older women, women...
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November 19, 2005

Baby, Don't Lose That Number: Fairfax Cryobank 401

The NYT has a fascinating, powerful story of Donor Sibling Registry, the online database for uniting sperm donors with their genetic offspring which has, in the mean time, been busy uniting the half-siblings. The mothers and half-sibs are generally keeping...
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November 16, 2005

No, I Was Not Aware: Prematurity Awareness Day Was Nov. 15th

The way I see it, if I'm only a day behind Eric Snowdeal on being aware of Prematurity Awareness Day, then I'm still doing alright. Not great, but alright. Turns out Prematurity Awareness Day was yesterday. If you didn't know...
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November 14, 2005

Rod Stewart's "A Little Vile"

It's enough to make you cancel cable. Penny Lancaster, the fiancee of ancient rocker Rod Stewart tells this story on a TV cooking show. On TV. On a show about food. Penny gave a waaay too detailed firsthand [sic]...
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November 10, 2005

New Tests Can Detect Down Syndrome At 11 Weeks

An 8-year study of nearly 40,000 women showed that Down Syndrome can be detected in the first trimester, as early as 11 weeks into a pregnancy, using a combination test of ultrasound and blood-protein testing. This new testing method has...
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November 4, 2005

Admittedly, That's A Big "If"

What, is sperm graded on a curve now? Actor/director/all-around prick Vincent Gallo is selling his sperm, preferrably to a blonde, blue-eyed Jewess--but not to anyone with a dark complexion, sorry--for $1 million:Mr. Gallo is 5'11" and has blue eyes. There...
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October 25, 2005

If You Smoked More, Maybe You Wouldn't Be At This Website Now

According to a recent study by researchers at SUNY-Buffalo, the sperm of men who smoke are weaker and have a harder time breaking through the egg's protective outer layer, called the zona. These smoked, weak-tailed sperm are "up to 75%...
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October 18, 2005

Too Quiet Around Here? Then Let Me Mention This Down Syndrome Abortion Editorial

Obviously, I'm just not going to the right dinner parties. Because I've never heard anyone pronounce a parent's "moral obligation" to terminate a pregnancy when prenatal testing reveals a likelihood of disability. The Washington Post's Patricia Bauer has, and the...
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October 8, 2005

Who Knows? The Jack Whites Say They're Having A Kid

Who really knows what's what with Jack White? In the summer, the White Stripes website announced his "first marriage" to model Karen Elson, which apparently meant his "first marriage where his ex-wife Meg White was the maid of honor for."...
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October 7, 2005

Implant'em All, Let The OB Sort'em Out

The Wall Street Journal reports that, in IVF and even surrogacy treatments in the US, fertility clinics regularly ignore guidelines about multiple embryo implantations, resulting in far higher multiple births (and the increased risks and complications that go with it....
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October 6, 2005

Danny Gregory On Impending Fatherhood

The latest installment of The Peanut Chronicle is out. The surprise baby shower didn't go well [Danny plays it down, but word to the wise on that one]. And they buy gear--big gear--but what struck me was this passage, which...
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October 5, 2005

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say, WTF?

TomKat's Pregnant. Obviously, this didn't happen in Indiana. Tom & Katie Expecting A Baby [peoplemag via dt reader/torturer Lauren] [update: Gawker helpfully notes that both have DVD's coming out in a couple of weeks, too. There will be no more...
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October 4, 2005

Hoosier Daddy?

I think I saw a stultifyingly didactic movie adaptation of this once, A Handmaid's Tale. I hear the book was fine, but totally implausible. Then I read a story about an Indiana legislator introducing a bill that would require a...
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September 29, 2005

Inconceivable Actually Sounds Pretty Conceivable

Haven't seen it, but NBC's new soap opera/series Inconceivable is set in a Beverly Hills fertility clinic, and is full of "come on, that'd never happen!" storylines and ethical dilemmas that, at least according to Slate's Liza Mundy, are barely...
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Lleyton Hewitt: Tennis Star, Dad-to-be, Baby Pimp, Humanitarian

So no sooner to I get all guilty, defensive, and protective of my celebrity dads' privacy than I see dad-to-be Lleyton Hewitt and his pregnant wife have sold themselves--and their about-to-be-born child--to an Australian gossip magazine for $1 million. For...
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September 20, 2005

Tell Your Marketing Partners To Leave Us Alone

A woman whose baby died suddenly, 31 weeks into her pregnancy, writes of having to deal with the steady stream of baby marketing material triggered by her registering at a parenting/pregnancy website:I dread opening my mailbox to see what the...
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September 17, 2005

Coming Soon: Princess Of The Stone Age

Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age and Distillers lead singer Brody Dalle are having a kid. Dalle is like months along, and fan photos of her pregnant self showed up on a QOTSA message board a couple of...
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September 15, 2005

Whaddya Expect?

Never mind a kid, how can you get a pregnant woman to sleep soundly through the night? According to Jodi Kantor's NYT article, you take away her copy of What To Expect When You're Expecting:...The woman-to-woman tone and the folksy-looking...
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September 6, 2005

More Folic Acid = Less Spina Bifida

The March of Dimes has been campaigning for nearly 10 years for increased folic acid fortification of basic foods like flour and bread, and now they say why. (I'm sure they said why before, too; it's not like MOD is...
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August 30, 2005

Get. Onto. Your. Belly. Fetal Monitors Are Booming

The Wall Street Journal's Ron Leiber discovers a mini-boom of expectant parents buying or renting fetal monitors to listen to their baby's heartbeat at home [I'm telling you people, you should be out partying and going to movies every night...]....
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August 8, 2005

From The Safran Foer/Krauss Fridge

To-do list: write novel write another novel move to Park Slope cancel that reading in Houston next Jan. email DT about guest-blogging Nicole: write novel write another novel have baby get DT t-shirt...
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July 14, 2005

China Stares At Looming Girl Shortage

Just found this article from the NYT, dated January 31, 2005, about the baby steps China's government is taking to alleviate a demographic crisis caused, inadvertently, by the longstanding one-child policy: a severe shortage of girls. In Fujian province for...
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June 27, 2005

Find Out Your Baby's Future Earning Potential At Five Weeks

Pregnant or not? Boy or Girl? Strawberry Shortcake nursery theme or Buzz Lightyear? Harvard or Wellesley? Knifethrower or target girl? If that whole miracle of pregnancy thing isn't unfolding quickly enough for you, if you're the boss, need the info,...
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June 24, 2005

RE: Your Wife's (&c.) Perineum

Perhaps the most uncomfortable moment in our pre-natal class was when the not-unsympathetic-but-still-all-business nurse instructed a roomful of pairs of strangers that we should include perineal massage like this--she then held her hand up, Heisman-style, and started working her fingers...
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June 22, 2005

Pre-Natal Classes: Do You Want To Talk About It? No?

While searching around for dads and postpartum depression, I came across this study from Birth (Sept. 2000) which looks at how men approach prenatal classes and how the classes, in turn, affect their perspective on the kid's birth and afterwards....
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So Hypothetically, You Could Put A Man's DNA Into The Egg You Made From Stem Cells?

Hypothetically, yes. And if a gay couple used this technique to have a kid that was genetically related to both of them, stem cell-fighting religious activists' heads would explode with outrage? Hypothetically, yes. Study: Stem Cells Could Develop Into Eggs...
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May 27, 2005

The Surrogates Love The Gays

For a variety of logistical, political, psychological, and emotional reasons, a significant percentage of women who provide surrogate pregnancy services are working with gay couples, and they're preferring it. Apparently, gay couples are more sympathetic, they'll watch the surrogate's kids,...
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May 19, 2005

Chimeras: Read Up, Then Watch Discovery Channel

Whoa, this show starts in 20 minutes. But it broadcasts many more times over the next month. There is an extremely unusual condition--it's thought to be rare, but then again, it's often discovered only be sheer accident, so who knows?--where...
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May 12, 2005

Only Your Crib Salesman Knows For Sure

Is this really a New York City trend? Heaven help us all. Apparently, there are pregnant people who won't find out the sex of their baby beforehand--no news there--but they will let their baby shoppe salespeople know, so they can...
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May 10, 2005

The Paternity Leave Discussion

Michelle and Joe are both doing medical residencies and are expecting their first kid this summer. It's hard to imagine more intense, demanding jobs, even in NYC, but it's easy to imagine the discussion about paternity leave that Michelle posted...
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May 9, 2005

"Who's Your Daddy?" "No idea. All I Know Is, He Said He's Straight"

In the name of preventing the accidental transmission of HIV, the FDA is recommending sperm banks should screen out gay donors. Gay rights groups are challenging the rule as bigoted and not based on science; they point out that HIV...
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May 3, 2005

The Peanut Chronicles ch. 3: 'I think we're pregnant'

Writer/illustrator/adman Danny Gregory's chronicle of fatherhood continues at The Morning News. In this installment, about the only thing Gregory and his wife figure out is they're having a baby. The Peanut Chronicles: Dead Rabbit and Beyond (November) [tmn]...
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April 27, 2005

HOWTO: Perform an Epidural (in Turkish)

Or Czech? Huh. I just realized that I have "pregnancy" and "newborn" categories, but no "delivery." What does that mean? I dunno, but it's probably easier to figure out what's happening in this illustrated primer on epidurals from a Turkish...
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April 24, 2005

Sounds like someone needs a break

One dad-to-be's comment on another post is a good reminder that having a kid's not all pool parties and playoff games:>My husband lives at work. Sometimes i think he >would rather be there. he probably would...give us dad's and dads-to-be...
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April 5, 2005

Hey Caddy, er, Daddy: Danny Gregory's "Peanut"

Writer/illustrator Danny Gregory has launched Peanut, a new bi-weekly series about fatherhood, on The Morning News. In his first installment, he tees up a slightly unsettling account of his experience with (or mostly without, actually) his own father, by comparing...
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March 24, 2005

Born To Shop? How About Give Birth To Shop

Does this story sound familiar? "There's so much product out there that they want to get the right things for their child, and they want all of it. "Increasingly, new parents have the money, the confidence and the inclination to...
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March 7, 2005

Ultrasound And The Unexpected

Yow. I just read writer Jonathan Tropper's gut-wrenching account of his and his wife's discovery--at their 20-week ultrasound--that their fetus had an inexplicable, rare, and fatal abnormality. He explains how they wrestle with the shock and grief, and how they...
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Delivery Room Prep: Are You Man Enough To Watch National Geographic?

The opening paragraph of Virginia Heffernan's NY Times review:Full-frontal images of a vagina are available on cable Sunday night, but they come at a price. You have to watch a bloody, hairy baby burst through that vagina, and before...
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March 5, 2005

Womb Tone, by Walter Murch

Walter Murch is a film editing guru; he's cut films from Apocalypse Now to Cold Mountain, but he's almost as well known for his genius in explaining the techical and neurological mysteries of editing and sound. He's doing just that...
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March 3, 2005

It's Not Raining Men: Baby Showers

I've never heard of guys throwing a baby shower. For some reason, it's still one of those chick things. That said, my wife had a shower at work, which had a mixed m/f crowd--mostly scientists, they gave us all kinds...
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February 2, 2005

A Suggested Dictionary of Pregnant Vomiting

Men, it is your job to read this first, if only to determine in advance the probability that it will cause a pregnant woman near you to start hurling. If that probability is high, then pass the link along and...
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January 25, 2005

Fertility Tourism

According to this front page report in the NY Times, the high cost of infertility treatments in the US--especially egg donor programs and in vitro fertilization--are driving increasing numbers of Americans to find foreign clinics. One South African doctor pitches...
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December 29, 2004

VBAC Backlash

On Slate, David Dobbs examines the recent dramatic drop in the number of VBAC's, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, which has occurred as more and more hospitals ban the procedure--and force women to give birth via cesarean again. The reasons, Dobbs...
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November 30, 2004

Hormone Swings: They're Not Just For Women Anymore

One interesting vein of research was presented at the At-Home Dads Convention a couple of weeks ago in Chi-town. Rebel Dad mentioned it, and now, Peter Baylies, the at-est-home dad of them all, expands on it. Turns out that pregnancy,...
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November 23, 2004

On Selecting Music For The Delivery Room

In Main Street Mom ("for modern mothers with traditional values"), Michael Powers writes about getting all emotional and being all clueless while his wife was pregnant with their first child:...after being 3 weeks overdue, the doctors decided to induce labor....
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November 11, 2004

Do you grow up and clean up with a kid?

A little while back, DT reader Dan (aka Vespadaddy) asked a question about houses being cleaner when there's a kid (or a kid on the way). His question boils down to this: If you're an inveterate slob--and he means "cereal...
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November 3, 2004

X, Y, and Me: Story Books For Your Alt-Conceived Child

We've come a long way from the days when adults would have to confront their sobbing parents with, "Is it true? Am I adopted?" If you're wondering when the book industry would catch up to the myriad possible answers to...
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Taking A Closer Look at IVF

Liza Mundy went to the American Society For Reproductive Medicine conference last week in Philadelphia, and all she got was a bunch of unanswered questions about how IVF kids turn out. And a sperm-shaped pen. Despite phenomenal growth over a...
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October 28, 2004

Is There A Doctor In The House/Motel/Chalet?

A roundup of dad-related stories about needing to find a doctor pdq have some good advice of where to look: At the JCC in Hamden, CT: In a recent interview with his hometown paper, Gary Greenberg, the author of Be...
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September 21, 2004

"Does this outfit make me look pregnant?"

If you've gotten this far, I hope you know how to answer this kind of question: be affirmative and supportive without damaging your credibility, all while helping to steer clear of the overalls. According to a frightening article in New...
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September 20, 2004

The Hurricane-Baby Theory?

Everyone knows the Blackout Baby Theory, and I remember hearing about a very localized Snowstorm Baby Theory when Microsoft's overworked programmers got stuck at home for a few days. But the Hurricane-Baby Theory is on the other end of the...
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September 15, 2004

Why Is Sushi Banned During Pregnancy?

Sushi and alcohol are just the tip of the iceberg. In the last two decades, the lists of things a pregnant woman can't eat or do without putting the fetus "at risk" is a mile long. Not that I didn't...
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September 14, 2004

Thinking of Cutting your Dad-ability Short?

And if, during my darker moments I feel at a loss for perspective, I can always recall the sentiments of my wife, uttered once she felt it was time for me to pull myself together, start changing nappies again and...
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September 6, 2004

Fetopia, home of Cletus the Fetus

I can't believe I haven't posted this before. Fetopia is not only the home of the original Cletus the Fetus, but of a small, small world of feti, all handmade from sculpey clay and ready for...well, I bought about twenty...
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July 26, 2004

So you think your boys can swim?

adrants and TMFTML] Reality TV giant Endemol (who produces Big Brother, maybe you've heard of it?) has apparently conceived [*cough*] its latest program idea in the pregnancy aisle at Barnes & Noble. London's Telegraph reports that the show--provisionally titled 'Make...
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July 24, 2004

AU: A call for dads-only childbirth classes?

A recent survey funded by the Australian government found that men were put off, confused, and intimidated by most parenting and childbirth information because it was targeted so clearly at women. One suggestion that came out of the questioning: men-only...
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Why stop at just one Fetus? Buy some more!

If you don't get to this ebay auction for 50 2"-long injection molded plastic fetuses before bidding ends, don't worry. On the web, there's no shortage of fetus simulacra for sale. Your first stop should be fetopia, where you can...
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July 8, 2004

Micro-preemie Resources?

Kids born at the extreme edge of viability--24-26 weeks, or at a little more than 1 lb birthweight--are called "micro-preemies." Personally, I prefer "extreemies," or "X-treemies," which sounds tougher, and tough is what these kids have to be. They basically...
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June 21, 2004

Advances in Pre-natal Screening Make for Difficult Choices

The Times' Amy Harmon takes a long, involved look at the new, difficult choices that parents-to-be sometimes face because of prenatal tests like the triple screen. Earlier, more accurate fetal testing can spot potential birth defects and disabilities sooner, giving...
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Beta Male: Wimping Out of The Delivery Room

So maybe everybody's not comparing epistiotomy stories during the NBA playoffs. In Sunday's NYT, Rick Marin tries to lead a rallying cry for dads-to-be who, when it comes to actual birth, would rather wait this one out, thanks, in the...
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June 12, 2004

California: Jurisdiction of Choice for Surrogacy

As California goes, so goes the rest of the country. Right now, the California court system's advanced case law makes the state the "epicenter of the 'surrogacy industry,'" according to the NY Times. The issues being grappled with in family...
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June 9, 2004

Unruly Ob/Gyn and the Economics of Midwives

Blogger and dad-to-be Eric Snowdeal's wife recently went for her second visit to her Ob/Gyn. When she informed her doctor that they were planning on having a home birth with a midwife, the doctor got angry and dumped her. Snowdeal...
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April 15, 2004

Prenatal Baby Pictures

In the last month or two of pregnancy, a baby's pretty much taken shape. If you get an ultrasound, it doesn't look like as much like an alien as it did at the 20 week mark (when they usually do...
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March 24, 2004

DaddyTypes Posterdad, Kevin Smith

The NY Times' BOLDFACE NAMES hit on director Kevin Smith at a junket for his new movie, Jersey Girl. Ever the gentleman, Smith rebuffed the reporter's advances, confessing he left his heart--in New Jersey:He and his wife, JENNIFER SCHWALBACH, were...
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March 3, 2004

Fetus Envy

David Skinner, an irreverent editor at The Weekly Standard, is not pleased with the impossibly false empathy preached by modern "we're pregnant" advice books for fathers-to-be. In a Feb. 2003 essay, he compares the 1958 Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. classic,...
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February 18, 2004

"imagine you're in the forest with a thousand midwives"

... or better yet, don't. We looked for a good yoga video for the wife to use during her pregnancy, something that was robust, but not too strenuous, and that'd easily clear her slight skeptical hurdle over western yoga culture....
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