December 23, 2008

DIY Bantha Plush: Finally, Something Good Comes From The Star Wars Holiday Special

Anyone who has ever seen the 1978 variety showsploitation travesty that was the Star Wars Holiday Special cannot pretend to have been betrayed by the treacly offenses of baby Annakin and Jar Jar Binks. We knew Lucas had it...
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December 18, 2008

Stork Tools: Help Me, Rebel Alliance-Lookin' Diaper Bag, You're My Only Hope

Dr. Moz began helping out the new dads with a humorous-yet-informative [? informative-yet-humorous?] DVD, The Goodfather. Now the cinematic allusions and dad-affirmation have made the jump to hyperspace as it were, with the Stork Tools collection of diaper bags....
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December 12, 2008


Would you be surprised to learn that Debra Pascali-Bonaro's documentary, Orgasmic Childbirth, won the Audience Choice Award at the 2008 Motherbaby International Film Festival in Bermuda? I think, based on whether you knew of the existence of the Motherbaby International...
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December 7, 2008

Dude Names Kid Charlotte After Bette Davis

Oh sorry, SPOILER ALERT? Deciding to Have a Baby? Easy. Picking a Name? Not So Easy. [nytimes via dt reader eric]...
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November 26, 2008

Stan Brakhage, Father Of 'The Birth Film'

Experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage is probably not remembered best for being the film teacher of South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker["We need a montage!"]. And he's also not known for what may be his greatest contribution to the...
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November 7, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: Sara Edition

You know, I'm not feeling particularly freaked out this weekend. In fact, I'm feeling pretty good. And here are a few more reasons why: Because I'm not "mommy dating," and imagining that people are judging me for my watch and...
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November 4, 2008

With Kumar Nowhere In Sight, Harold Heads To The Delivery Room

Really? John Cho had a kid? There seems to have been a couple of mentions that they were expecting in April, but then nothing. Mazel tov to him, his wife, and their new son, who Cho cites as the reason...
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October 25, 2008

Babywearer On Elm Street

We're not in the city this weekend, so I am very bummed to be missing the New York Art Book Fair. Thankfully, Paddy Johnson is taking some inspirational photos of the event, which is how I found this. It's...
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October 18, 2008

Mesdames Et Messieurs, Je Vous Presente Calder's Circus At The Whitney

For years, Alexander Calder's awesome theatre/performance art/toy/sculpture Circus has been in the lobby of the Whitney Museum, entertaining its way into the psyches of generations of city-dwelling kids. It's made of dozens of little articulated toy figures, which the...
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October 16, 2008

The Straws Are Rockets Firing Up To Kill The Meteors

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Someone's Been Playing With My Missile Command..., originally uploaded by daddytypes. See, that's the grass...
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October 7, 2008

Homebrew Star Wars Alphabet

More oblique Star Wars alphabet goodness, this time from artist Michael Fleming, who put something close to a year of spare time into creating the artwork for his alphabet of decidedly minor Star Wars characters. A female Yoda named...
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James Earl Jones To The Alphabet: I'm Your Father

Did you know James Earl Jones not only had a stutter, he was functionally mute for like eight years? And that his counting to ten segment tested the best of all the clips in the Sesame Street pilot they...
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September 29, 2008

All We Like Sheep

Wow. Just, wow. Look what was caught in the glare of the spotlight on this Metafilter thread about the 1980's Christian ska band Sonseed and their jawdropping music video, "Jesus is a friend of mine." Besides the John & Yoko...
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August 9, 2008

Look, I'm Your Father's Darth Vader Stained Glass Window

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Darth Vader Stained Glass Window, originally uploaded by axoplasm. Finally, a decades-later Star Wars sequel...
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August 1, 2008

Vaders Shorter Than A Light Saber? Must Be Comic-Con Season

Since the 31st anniversary of Star Wars doesn't have quite the convention draw as the 30th, we've had to wait until Comic-Con to see fanbois' kids dressed up in little stormtrooper and Darth Vader costumes. Star Wars Blog has...
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July 25, 2008

DT On Location: And In Local Crazy And/Or Parenting News...

When it comes to bullet points, I'm a traditionalist: the minimum is three. Unfortunately, this week the Utah media have only been able to come up with two wacked out parents stories. So I made the parenting angle optional....
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July 20, 2008

It's Not Easy Being In The Smithsonian's Jim Henson Exhibit

The girls and I went to the Jim Henson Legacy exhibition that just opened in some basement gallery at the Smithsonian, so you don't have to. Seriously, just put it in a book. Or a file folder, what a...
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July 18, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: Wolftrap-To-Wolf Suit Edition

Just in time for the weekend, here's some news you can use--to help figure out how you're doing, parenting-wise: First up, the big news for parents of kids born in 2007: The CDC has released the provisional numbers, and your...
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July 11, 2008

Funny Or Die's Not Dead Yet! Three McConaugheys and a Baby

Three Matthew McConaugheys and A Baby [ via radar]...
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June 30, 2008

Feeling Pretty Good At The End Of The Day

We were at MoMA the other day, the kids and I, and when we'd had our fill of watching Spiral Jetty--the kids' first visit is in a couple of weeks--we got up, turned the corner, where another dark, grainy...
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June 20, 2008

Will These Lifelike [sic] Wall-E and Eve Robots Come To The US?

Whoa, these laptop-size Wall-E and Eve robots were at the Tokyo Toy Fair. Do you think Takara Tomy will bring them to the US? Next week? Tokyo Toy Show 2008, or check out the video directly on YouTube [kilian-nakamura...
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June 11, 2008

Daddy, Where To Cartoons Come From?

Over the weekend, two major comic artists, Art Spiegelman and Gary Panter, discussed their inspiration at a symposium organized by NYU and The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. Via Artforum's report:The letters L, S, and D rolled off their...
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June 6, 2008

Oakland In Da Rebel Alliance!

This awesome shirt by The Girl and Rhino is currently not available in either kid or infant sizes! Sorry to mess up your weekend. The AT-AT Tee, $17-22, when it's in stock [thegirlandrhino via dinosaursandrobots] update: weekend saved! they...
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There aren't many songs from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's early epic, Cannibal: The Musical that you can let the kid watch [Unless you want to explain whorehouses, hanging the bastard, and of course, cannibalism at bedtime]. But what...
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April 30, 2008

One Of These Things Doesn't Belong Here

I know The 'Street was edgier back in the day, but still. The synopsis list on our DVR fakes me out every. single. time:Rosita finds other uses for her wings. Gabi and Big Bird baby-sit for Natasha. Baby Bear...
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April 21, 2008

Ferdinand, The Disney Version

Ferdinand the Bull was published in 1936. It was a bestseller, so much so that Walt Disney produced a color, animated version of the story in 1938, which won the Academy Award for best animated short in 1939. [They're...
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April 11, 2008

Now That's A Disney Dad: Awesome Dork Films Family's 1956 Trip To Disneyland

Dr. Robbins Barstow began his amateur filmmaking career directing himself and his brothers in a Tarzan movie in the 1930's. By 1956, little Robbins was all grown up and living in Connecticut, where he pursued more stable work in...
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April 10, 2008

Disney Dads Know Right Where To Start Looking For Movies

So you've joined the Disney Movie Club, and now you're stuck, wondering which nine Disney movies you should agree to buy over the next two years. [Technically, which four movies, after you get all five Air Buds.] Don't let...
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April 9, 2008

Embrace The Butterfly

All your kid talks about is butterflies? Fine. Just run with it. They're just dinosaurs for girls. With the Butterflies of the World poster, your kid'll be the best damn lepidopterist this side of Vladimir Nabokov. Rainbows? All you...
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April 7, 2008

Cher?? This "Hip" Parenting Racket's Freakin' Groundhog Day, Dude

THERE WAS CHER ON JOAN RIVERS' NEW SQUAWK SHOW, wearing tight pants with a gossamer bustle, a well-distressed T-shirt, rhinestone suspenders. Cher was distraught over her daughter Chastity's fashion faux pas. She'd rebelled and gone preppy. The kid wore Izods,...
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April 3, 2008

DT Link Round-Up: Imagine All The People Edition

Seems that even when I'm on the road, the browser tabs just keep filling up with interesting stuff. And how: The Birth Tour 2008 is coming to a yoga center near you: "What is THE BIRTH TOUR? Imagine a room...
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March 24, 2008

Horton Hears Who, Freaks Out Kid, Gets Dad Thinking

So the kid went to a theater for her first, actual movie over the weekend: Horton Hears A Who. It totally freaked her out. Technically, her first movie ever was John Cassavetes' Shadows, which she watched with me when...
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March 19, 2008

D'Oh! Missed The Thunderball Wallpaper Auction

I'd flagged this eBay listing for posting, and then I totally missed it in the whirlwind of family that descended on us over the weekend: five rolls of Thunderball wallpaper, circa 1965, were sold on Saturday as part of...
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March 17, 2008

From Kill The Wabbit To Pee On A Stick: A History Of The Pregnancy Test

1978 is the 30th anniversary of the home pregnancy test, which was developed by pioneering researchers in reproductive endocrinology at the National Institutes of Health. "A Thin Blue Line" is the NIH's online history of the project, and it makes...
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March 13, 2008

NYT: Jim Carrey Ruins A[nother] Dr. Seuss Movie

In the NY Times, Tony Scott rips Jim Carrey's dismal performance as Horton, but this line almost makes me want to see the movie anyway:All kinds of extraneous elements are added to the story. The Mayor of Who-ville, voiced by...
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Imagineers Set To Screw Up Mary Blair's It's A Small World Ride

When I was little, Mary Blair's animatronic masterpiece, the Disneyland version of It's A Small World, made me want to become an Imagineer so bad, I sent off for the brochure. Instead, I ended up becoming what no kid in...
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March 10, 2008

Wow. Russian Winnie The Pooh By Fyodor Khitruk

It's like Winnie the Pooh, without the rampant capitalism. Literally. In 1969-1972, Fyodor Khitruk, who is considered the pioneering figure of post-Stalinist Soviet animation, made three short films about Vinni Puh, based on the Russian translation of A.A. Milne's...
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March 8, 2008

The Custom Playmobil Kid Is Not My Son

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Mobison 3-1, originally uploaded by 091. Playmo91 is a mad Playmobil customizer in Taiwan who...
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March 6, 2008

HAHAHAHA! "Luke... You're My Father"!

See, it's awesome because really, Vader is Luke's... uh, right then. Major maker geek Steve Lodefink is guestblogging on Mister Jalopy and Mark Frauenfelder's new blog, Dinosaurs and Robots. In other words, Flashlightsabers, Water Rocket Parties and Coconut Shell...
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March 5, 2008

They're There! Serena Kuhl's Poltergeist Stuffed Toys

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } poltergrab, originally uploaded by serenakuhl. Freaking Awesome. I KNEW I shouldn't have blown off last...
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February 29, 2008

So Let It Be Written

Baby names can come at you in the most unlikely places:Nina Foch married James Lipton, eesh, and also long ago played the woman who found baby Moses in "The Ten Commandments." The kid, Taliesin Jaffe (!!!), went on to be...
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February 25, 2008

"Don't Talk Back To Darth Vader. He'll Getcha!"

A dad from fistofblog taped his daughter's retelling of Star Wars. Obviously, he did the right thing by showing her Episode IV first. 850,000 views in two days? wow: Star Wars according to a 3 year old. [fistofblog's youtube...
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February 20, 2008

A Long Time Ago In A Star Wars Tie-In Pitch To Pepsi Far, Far Away

I think we can all agree that, in retrospect, a Jabba the Hutt beanbag chair would have sold far more Pepsi than a life-size mannequin of Jar Jar Binks, even though Jabba wasn't even in Episode One [d'oh, I've...
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Indiana Jones And The Out-Of-Control Toy Licensee

It's Toy Fair Week, and there's a new movie coming out. So I have to assume these are real, and that Hasbro expects preschool-age children actually will play with a Nazi dressed up as a Jewish priest; and an...
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February 7, 2008

From The DT Dept. Of Corrections: Stone Cold Derek Lindsay Is A Kick-Ass Dad

I want to clear up any misconceptions that might have arisen from that report last May about Massachusetts martial arts expert and dad Derek Lindsay getting arrested for disorderly conduct at McDonald's after telling his kid to push some...
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February 5, 2008

Nerds Reproducing IV: A New Hope

Congrats to member Afinkawan, who announced the birth--and the conception and gestation, for that matter--of his son daughter [d'oh -ed.] with a lovely piece of Star Wars Photoshoppery [excerpt above]. It sure beats bullseyein' womp rats back home....
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January 18, 2008

Nissan Forum Concept Minivan Has Fist-Sized Time Out Button

Holy Guacamole, Batman! While VW sent their engineers to Malibu to study American driving culture, Nissan sent theirs to the Woodfield Mall. The result [seen here entering the wormhole at the Detroit Auto Show] was the Nissan Forum Concept....
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January 17, 2008

From Willy Wonka To Teletubbies: MeFi Movie Recs For 2-3yo Run The FreakyScary Gamut

Metafilter dad Matt Haughey asked the hive to recommend some non-dark, non-scary movies suitable for a movie-loving 2-3yo kid like his daughter. So far, Curious George and My Neighbor Totoro are it:I've tried all the pixar films and they all...
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January 13, 2008

Saul Bass Lets Baby Wander Off Alone Into Solar-Powered Future

After I posted the story about my 2.5-yo brother dumping my newborn sister by the mailbox as he toddled off to play, my mom busted on me a bit, saying I made her sound like a bad parent. I...
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January 7, 2008

Home And Mostly Settled

We're all home and chill now. I had rambling philosophical post almost done about the differences between the first and the second time you have a kid, what you know, what you know you don't know, etc. Then I was...
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January 1, 2008

Three's A Trend: Velveeta

So the kid didn't come on New Year's Eve, sparing us the whole embarrassment of being exposed on local news as the derelict parents who couldn't figure out the name of The First Baby Of 2008. Figuring it's exactly the...
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December 22, 2007

How Much To Go To The Trees?

The blurb on the NY Times blog calls it Fargo-meets-Miracle on 34th Street, but to me it looks more like A Charlie Brown Christmas-meets-Cassavetes' Shadows by way of Ezra Jack Keats. And starring Forrest Whitaker as Tyler Brule'. If...
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December 17, 2007

Finally, I Understand The Reason For Mercedes' Fugly New Look

Jalopnik has some clean spyshots of the new Mercedes GLK CUV, the mid-sized CUV based on the C-Class platform. The shots are from the set of the Sex and the City movie; the prop car is white, in Beverly...
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December 11, 2007

In The Battle Of Thermopollack, The Spartans Are The Swarthy Ones

I'm so behind. While I'm all, "use your words, honey," Neal Pollack's in the backyard teaching Elijah proper swordfighting technique and recreating his favorite scenes from 300. Though it's pretty sunny, not dark and ominous. And there's no bottomless...
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November 29, 2007

The Other 1937 Snow White

Ouch. You've gotta feel for the budding children's book artist who introduces her meticulously translated, true-to-Grimm, three-color labor of love retelling of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs in 1937, the year Walt Disney revolutionized cinema with his own...
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November 5, 2007

"Like Zoids Or Transformers Or Maybe Even Bigger"

That Mr. T mention got me itching to see Nizlopi's JCB Song video again, which still makes me cry, 2.5 years later. It also reminds me that Michael Bay is not worthy to scrub the road grime off of...
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November 3, 2007

DT Headline Roundup: T-Mag, C-Class, L-Word, ABC Edition

Alright, so all the headlines are from the New York Times. I'm like that guy on NY1 who reads the paper for you in the morning, only I pull out the dad-related stories: Inside The Box: I admit, I fell--hard--for...
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October 31, 2007

Le Premier Cri, Or Out Of Africa's Cervix

Why why why? I love the French. I love France. I lived and worked there. I set and shot my first movie there. I drive a Citroen, for Pierre's sake. And yet, when something as hippy-dippy ridiculous-sounding as Le...
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October 25, 2007

Dad Has Five Kids' Names, Gay Wizard, Tattooed On Back

You know, I thought the clincher of the story was the UK factory worker dad who spent a year getting his full back tattoo saying, "I’ve always liked Dumbledore – just not in that way." But then I see...
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October 24, 2007

Ari & Mario: Warhol's Drag Queen Babysitter Movie

It's like learning a new word; suddenly you hear it everywhere. I'd never given a second's thought to look for kid-related Andy Warhol art, and now it's popping up everywhere. Last week, it was the story of Penelope Palmer,...
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October 22, 2007

How To Dress Your Kid Like A Tenenbaum

The kid's been wearing hats outside since she brained herself on our front door a couple of months ago. Keeps the scar out of the sun, which helps it heal. She's been wearing these preppy little bucket hats, but...
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October 18, 2007

NYMag: Good News, Bad News On Where The Wild Things Are Movie

New York Magazine says they have read Dave Eggers' and Spike Jonze's script adaptation for Where The Wild Things Are, "…and it is really, really good." Except for Max, of course, whose dad apparently has gone AWOL, which is the...
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October 15, 2007

I Was Shot By Andy Warhol: The Baby In Warhol's Screen Test

Penelope Palmer, Warhol Screen Test, 1966, image: The Warhol Film Project Andy Warhol's films--particularly his Screen Tests--are some of the greatest and least appreciated of all his work. Between 1964 and 1966, Warhol shot 472 individual tests, each consisting of...
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October 5, 2007

Eames Elephants On Parade

In the family tradition, professional grandson/filmmaker Eames Demetrios has made A Gathering of Elephants, a stop-action animated short film to commemorate the going on sale of the 1,000-limited edition plywood elephants Vitra made to commemorate the 100th birthday of...
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September 28, 2007

There Is No Cry, Only Poo: Introducing The Kid To Star Wars

Lead, schmead. It's good to see someone's tackling the real issues of burning importance to new dads these days. Like what order to show the Star Wars movies to your kid: Let's say you're a new father and a movie...
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September 20, 2007

H Is For Han Shot First blogger Neil Baker made a Star Wars Alphabet for fellow Star Wars bloggers to put on Star Wars t-shirts to wear to the Celebration IV Star Wars anniversary commemoration a few months back. Then he turned his alphabet...
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September 15, 2007


I had Godfrey Reggio's classic 1982 movie Koyaanisqatsi playing in the background while I was writing the other day--thank you, Philip Glass--and I looked up to see this scene of a dad playing Q*bert while holding his kid. Of...
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'You Won't Remember This': Jeff Scher's 0-4 Animations

Artist and animator Jeff Scher has a pretty sweet gig. He's, I guess, an animation columnist on the NY Times website, and his short features are part of a series called Sightlines on the Times Select section of the...
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September 11, 2007

Man Tries, Fails To Look Mean In Adorable R2-D2 Beanie

image via mega(k)nits Better to figure out how to scale the various knitting patterns for kid-sized heads. When I asked her how easy it'd be, she said "very easy," and then she said she was going to Europe and...
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September 8, 2007

Wait, Say Again?? Parents Take Kids To Slasher Movies?

Alright, Californian parents, stop talking about the size of your baby's penis and start explaining why the hell you are bringing babies and toddlers to freakin' slashfests. Here's SF Chronicle film reviewer Peter Hartlaub's second post about this mindboggling trend...
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September 5, 2007

Yo Nacho Nacho! Yo Nacho Nacho!

The student is now the master. Hector Jimenez, aka Esqueleto from Nacho Libre, was doing the Dancy Dance Time on Yo Gabba Gabba! this morning. I swear, one of these days, we're gonna wake up and find out Jared...
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August 31, 2007

Decide Your Own Lead Levels By Making Your Kid's Toys Yourself!

If you're sick of waiting for months--or even years--for a recall to find out just how much lead is in your kid's Made In China toys, have I got the blogpost for you! Craftzine has rounded up a giant list...
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August 27, 2007

Whoa. Mary Blair's Disney's Cinderella??

Our approach to thwarting the Disney Princess Industrial Complex is simple. I think. Oh, who'm I fooling? They're complicated and doomed to failure as soon as the kid has a sleepover party, but whatryagonnado? Here's the plan: The movies...
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August 22, 2007

Bulletproeuf Baby?

So tell me, did New Line Cinema get permission to use the image of Oeuf's new Sparrow crib on Bullet Proof Baby, the fauxmotional website for Shoot'em Up, the new movie where Clive Owen and Monical Belluci have to...
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August 5, 2007

Is There Anything The Japanese Haven't Turned Into Plush?

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, I think I feel a Mind-Bending Plush Week coming on. Or, you know, just a handful of Japanese-market dolls for sale in the eBay Store of anime plush/collectibles specialist Saltypear. I feel like we're just scratching...
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August 1, 2007

DTQ: What Movie Are You Stoked For Your Kid To See Someday?

Let's lighten the mood. Assuming they survive the lead paint, the car seats, and the trips to the ER, what formative movie can you barely wait for your kid to be old enough to see? Apocalypse Now? Fast Times...
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July 28, 2007

R2-KT: This Is The Pink Droid You're Looking For

Wow, I was definitely taken in by The Dark Side of The Force on this one. I was about to blast George Lucas like a Tatooine womp rat when I saw this picture of a kid hugging a pink...
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July 25, 2007

And Then They Put Their Kids Into Their Bugaboo Bees And Drove Away

The extraordinarily limber Ross Sisters singing about potato salad in a 1944 MGM Musical [youtube via foryourentertainment via boingboing] previously: Bug Bee Berkeley: Bugaboo Bee Music Video Now Online...
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July 17, 2007

Stranger Pregnancy: Seattle Writer On Wanting To Knock Her Boyfriend Up

Writer Jen Graves takes a long, circuitous, and self-involved look at pregnancy in the way that only someone writing for the Seattle indie paper The Stranger could. The gist of the piece: an unexpected pregnancy and an even more unexpected...
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July 6, 2007

AT-AT Stroller Dad Interview: The Thingamababy Strikes Back

What, another interview with the AT-AT strollermodding dad? Thingamababy's got a sitdown with Florida Star Wars fan and new dad Rick Russo, and it's just like ESB vs. SW: the sequel is definitely better. I'd go so far as...
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July 3, 2007

Boys Named Anakin: They're So Cute When They're Little

Hello, adorable little one-year-old photographed wearing a Wookie costume at the Disney-MGM Star Wars Weekend, what's your name? Oh. And what would you like to be when you grow up? And how does having your older brother dressed as...
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July 2, 2007

Use The Craft Glue, Rick! Star Wars Stroller Modder Speaks

After his son's AT-AT Imperial Walker-modded stroller made the Internet rounds, Star Wars fan dad Rick Russo finally stepped into AJ's Thingamababy spotlight. And now he's given an interview with the Star Wars Blog, explaining his inspiration for the...
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What's the difference between Swedish Actress Liv Ullmann and Barbie?

With the animated TV show and Marvel comic, and the character names and backstory created around a bunch of generic Japanese robot toys, The Transformers were multimedia cross-promotion from the moment Hasbro launched them in 1984. But Anthony Lane is...
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June 28, 2007

Your Kid's Nursery Needs A "Dope 5-Headed Star Wars Themed Mural" ASAP

iPhones are yesterday's news; the drop you really want to make tomorrow is the Plasticgod Ningyo at SURU, the indie toy temple of dope on Melrose. In advance of the release party, reports Vinylpulse, Pgod "spent four days transforming...
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June 22, 2007

The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit And Made Movies Of One Kind

Yes, movie publicists, I will eagerly publish even just one "leaked" still--as long as it's from an adaptation of a classic children's book by a director whose involvement offers at leaset the possibility that it might not be automatically...
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June 20, 2007

Chewbacca Drives A Maclaren!!

By 1979, Star Wars was in its third theatrical release in LA, and theater owners were cooking up promotions for luring people in. Like offering free admission to anyone who showed up in costume, even if it was the...
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Star Wars Baby Fun From Celebration IV

The AT-AT stroller mod was apparently just the tip of the Star Wars baby iceberg at Celebration IV a couple of weeks ago. Here's a quick compilation of other photos from various flickr groups: Not surprisingly, there were lots...
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June 11, 2007

Baby Beauty Pageants Ain't Got NOTHIN' On Tensai Electone Shoujo

First off, let me just say what this is: Johnny Depp appeared on a Japanese TV show, where he was serenaded--no, ambushed and stunned into submission--by four little stage-managed girls, ages 4-8, dressed in Pirates of the Caribbean 3...
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May 29, 2007

Stone Cold Derek Lindsay Stars In Disorderly Conduct 41: Big Mac Attack

The 4-plex at the beach this weekend was showing Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, Shrek 3, and something else I forget, and I'm thinking, how can a summer movie season filled with repetitive, mindless, hypercommercialized, in-your-face sequels ever be entertaining?...
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May 16, 2007

How About "Pennsylvania Dutch"? Mia Moda Terra Gets The Thingamababy Workout

image: thingamababy Wow. Over on Thingamababy, AJ does a comprehensive review of the Mia Moda Terra stroller, the four-wheel model from the new "Euro-Style" stroller company I mentioned here a little while ago. In the intervening weeks, Mia Moda...
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May 7, 2007

Ten Worst, Single Best Spiderman Tie-Ins

If I had to pick the most egregious examples of Spiderman 3 marketing asshattery we've seen, it'd be a tossup between the posters taped to the ends of the shelves and carts at our public library in DC, and...
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May 1, 2007

Totally Suck These Star Wars Costumes Do

You've got to be kidding. I guess in the world of crappy, commercially made costumes, these Star Wars baby costumes might rank above average, but that's only if you include those drugstore ripoffs that are nothing more than a...
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April 11, 2007

Strudel Mountain? T.T.T. Austrian Art Theater For Kids

T.T.T. is a Pancake Mountain-like troupe of Viennese artists and jazz musicians who perform slightly dada-ist multimedia theater for kids. They're also one of the few hits on YouTube for Antonioni. Frankly, they seem more Antonin Artaud, but other...
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Antonioni Rides The Chung Kuo Express

I just/finally watched the first part of Chung Kuo - Cina, Michelangelo Antonioni's amazing 4-hour documentary of life in China in 1972, which he shot at the invitation of then-Premier Zhou Enlai. When it was shown, the film was...
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April 7, 2007

M Is For Mookie: Sesame Street - Do The Right Thing Mashup

This hilarious mashup of Do The Right Thing using Sesame Street Little People from Fisher-Price is by filmmaker-bartender-madman-Canadian Brent Pike-Nurse [damn, I'm gonna run out of hyphens on the first line] and his comedic crew. In case you can't...
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March 5, 2007

Apparently, "Mah-Na Mah-Na" Means "Into The Sauna, Ladies!" In Italian

So we're watching a few vintage Sesame Street clips the YouTube this weekend, when we see a seriously vintage version of "Mah Na Mah Na" under the end credits of this 35th Anniversary montage. Apparently, it dates from 1969,...
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February 15, 2007

Reckon Shirts I Reckon I'd Buy

[02/08 update: check the comments below; unfortunately, a number of people over an extended period of time have complained about problems or delays completing their orders from Reckon. Lead time on orders not-in-stock have stated leadtimes of up to 3...
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February 14, 2007

Grease Babies, Or The Scary Underbelly Of Canadian Daycare

Here's a documentary that's long overdue: turns out kids in those lavishly subsidized Canadian daycare centers are being terrorized by Rizzo, and they're dropping out of beauty school faster than you can say, "Go, Greased Stroller." Next up: John...
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January 24, 2007

Testing Your Meddle

Some news links that almost warrant their own posts. If you need a theme here, how about meddling? If you want to keep believing that it's not her parents, no way, Marla Olmstead has been a genius painter since she...
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January 23, 2007

"Someday You're Gonna Have To Learn To Wipe Your Own Butt."

Call me a dreamer, but I'm kinda hoping that day will come before the kid turns five. "Children Are A Gift," written and directed by Terry Timely [ via waxy]...
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January 11, 2007

CES Update: Mercedes R-Class Still Not A Minivan

Just to be clear, it was Engadget who called the UWB-to-RSE-equipped MB R500 exhibited at CES an SUV. It is, in fact, a Not-A-Minivan [or Grand Sports Tourer in German]. As for what to call HD video beamed non-stop...
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January 5, 2007

Tony Scott Lives In A Movie Fantasyland

The NY Times film critic tries to buck the imagination-stifling money machines that are "family films":I cringe at the sight of strollers at “Apocalypto” or “Saw III.” But I also cringe at the timidity and cautiousness — the hypersensitivity —...
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January 4, 2007

Eames Solar Toy Does Nothing, And Very Well

While researching Richard McGuire's The Solar Toy, I stumbled across The Solar Do-Nothing Machine by Ray and Charles Eames. They created it in the late 1950's for Alcoa, who was just launching a Forecast Collection, a series of artist-...
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December 31, 2006

Princess Industrial Complex Drives Feminist Crazy

Too bad for Peggy Orenstein that her looong lament about third-wave feminism's powerlessness and lack of viable response in the face of the Princess Hegemony came out the same day American girls were opening their $3 billion worth of pink...
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December 27, 2006

Flash: Hollywood Depiction Of Parents Idealized, Judith Warner Critique Unfollowable

Maybe it's this crazy French keyboard, but I read Judith Warner's NYT essay about the problems with Jude Law's portrayal of a too-perfect widower dad in The Holiday, and I can't think of anything to say. Except that wasn't Jude...
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December 15, 2006

Star Of Jersey Girl, Gigli Says He Doesn't Want To Embarass Daughter

Good luck with that, Ben. [strollerderby @] possibly related, unless you're at work: [youtube via goldenfiddle]...
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December 1, 2006

The Kid, The Bunny Boiler

Until the kid exclaimed, "The bunnies go into their swimming pool!" as she poured out the box of her favorite food, just now, I never made the Annie's Organic Bunny Pasta - Fatal Attraction connection. Now it seems so...
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November 30, 2006

First Year Films Makes Home Movies Documentaries For You

The NYT has an article about professionally shot--or professionally edited, at least--documentaries of children, commissioned by parents. It's a fine story, I can understand the impulse. Even though we have thousands of photos from everyone within camera range of the...
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November 11, 2006

The Animations Of Oskar Fischinger: 90% Kid-Friendly

Richard McGuire is not the only fan of Oskar Fischinger's animated films, but as with McGuire's own influence, there's much more I didn't know. Fischinger was singularly focused on integrating music and visual art. And he created the abstract masterpiece...
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November 3, 2006

Thank You For Coming To Loew's [Without A Baby]

Fortunately, Loew's/AMC Theatres is "an industry leader in innovation," otherwise one might think cancelling the Reel Moms AM movie screening programs was a dick move, instead of the obviously forward-thinking and customer-friendly innovation it so obviously is. Any MBA's out...
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October 18, 2006

Discovering Indie Movie Screenings For Babies, Just Too Late For The Idi Amin Biopic

If all you really want is to watch a movie, any movie just let me see the inside of a theater again before I die of lack of sleep,the multiplex weekday morning screening programs like Loews' Reel Moms are fine...
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October 5, 2006

Is Elmo Talking To Elmo? Martin Scorsese's Sesame Streets

Not sure why Morgan Freeman is doing the voiceover for this, but it's pretty damn funny. Watch it when the kids are asleep, though, unless you really want them to hear Elmo talking like that to the fish. Sesame Streets...
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From Mattel's Top Secret TMXXV Elmo Motion Capture R&D Lab In Bangalore

Of course, when they finally release the doll here, the PC police will probably make them cut the bit at the end where he fires up a butt... "Little Superstar" [youtube via deadspin, of all places] dude on sofa: Rajinikanth...
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October 4, 2006

Aspiring Filmmaker Jogging That Stroller All The Way To Hollywood, Baby

OK, this is so wrong in so many ways, it might just be right. After tasting all the success Syracuse has to offer a young filmmaker, Ryan Feaster decided it was time to make his talent available to the folks...
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October 1, 2006

Star Trek Auction: The Daddy Types Bidder's Guide

LOT 191: AUGMENT EMBRYO INCUBATOR MODULE, [est. $300-350] If you didn't already know Paramount was throwing a massive, EVERYTHING MUST GO! auction of Star Trek props, costumes and memorabilia at Christie's this week [Oct. 5, 6 &7], you probably...
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September 29, 2006

Suffer The Little Children

Director Todd Fields' new film, Little Children, stars Kate Winslet as a young mom and Patrick Wilson as an at-home dad in a Massachusetts suburb. The film, an adaptation of a novel by Tom Perrota, examines their various unhappinesses...
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August 30, 2006

The Juvenilizing Evolution Of Mickey Mouse

In 1978, Stephen Jay Gould theorized that Walt Disney and his animators gradually discovered what it took evolutionary psychologists decades to prove: that baby-like features and proportions elicit an "automatic surge of disarming tenderness" in adults: The brain grows...
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Dialectics For Kids

In the remarkable new film Half Nelson, Ryan Gosling stars as Dan Dunne, an idealistic history teacher in Brooklyn who might have more luck finishing that children's book on Hegelian dialectics if he wasn't spending all his free time passed...
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August 24, 2006

Improbable Movies From Children's Books, In Increasing Order Of Likely Suckitude

I really hope the list of people haunted by visions of the The Cat in The Hat movie is not confined to Gitmo prisoners. If even a couple of studio executives are on it, we may not have to see...
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August 16, 2006

NEWS FLASH: No One Goes To Metreon, Not Even Movie-Desperate Parents

When DT reader and SF Chronicle reporter Mike Adamick took his 4-mo daughter to Reel Moms at Metreon [an Entertainment Retail Experience that's basically devolved into a lame mall with a multiplex,] he and the other dad in attendance inadvertently...
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August 3, 2006

More News From The Coming Apocalypse: The Elmo's World Movie

How do you know if the journalism career isn't working out? When you interview Elmo for TV Guide and he comes off sounding like the sane one. Still, Elmo throws the guy a bone, telling him when the world might...
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July 23, 2006

DT Exclusive: Ed Burns Gives Some Good Phone About The Groomsmen

Last week, right before his new movie The Groomsmen premiered in New York and Los Angeles, I chatted with writer/director/producer/star/daddytype Ed Burns about the film. Here's how it went down: DT: It said in the production notes that you'd written...
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July 14, 2006

Getting In Touch With My Feelings About Ed Burns' The Groomsmen

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a screening of The Groomsmen, the latest movie from Ed Burns. [I was not the only dadblogger there, either. It'd be interesting to see how wide the dadblog outreach extended. I get...
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June 24, 2006

Kevin Smith: Movie Director, Comic Book Fan, Dad

Now I'm as big a Kevin Smith fan as the next guy. Bigger, even. In the euphoric early days of fatherhood and dadblogging, I called him a "Daddy Types Posterdad." But that was before I actually saw Jersey Girl,...
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June 21, 2006

Not My Kid

"For a generation, A Prairie Home [Companion] has been the soundtrack of being stuck in the car with your parents." That's from Slate film critic Michael Agger's review of the Robert Altman movie version of Garrison Keillor's radio show. I...
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June 20, 2006

Dutch On Calder; Calder On YouTube

Sheesh, remind me never to play Jeopardy with Dutch. While I was posting my surprised little ramble about Alexander Calder toys, he was finishing up his own awesome, info-packed ode to Calder and his circus on Sweet Juniper. [Not enough...
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June 9, 2006

Eames' Power Of Ten On YouTube

While I wanted to get the kid some Eames' House of Cards to play with from before she could even sit up, I hadn't thought of showing her Powers of Ten, the designer couples' classic math/science film, which they...
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April 29, 2006

V Is For Vendetta, That's Good Enough For Me

No word if they do birthday parties, but the two comics who created this Muppet-filled spoof of the trailer for V for Vendetta are currently " seeking representation for Film, Television, Commercial, Stand Up and Writing." Of course, if...
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April 3, 2006

Gee, How'd I Miss This? Seed Of Chucky Trailer

Tagline: "Deliver us some evil" Now languishing on the bottom of a Neflix queue near you. Seed of Chucky teaser [youtube] Seed of Chucky Widescreen Edition DVD is $12.99 [] Or I could just come right out and ask...
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March 26, 2006

The Daddy Types Review: L'Enfant

So I pawned the kid for a couple of hours and went to see the latest Belgian dad-sells-baby-on-black-market film, L'Enfant. While it's about as feel-good as a Belgian black-market baby film can get, it was not my favorite film...
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March 23, 2006

Bebe Jimmy Rolls A BebeConfort In Cannes-winning Film

L'Enfant won the Palme' d'Or last year at the Cannes Film Festival. It's by two brothers, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, whose film Rosetta also won the Palme d'Or in 1999. Their films are quiet, unflinching, and intense moral explorations...
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March 22, 2006

Apocalypse Pooh, VHS-era Mashup

"Saigon. I'm still only in Saigon." You gotta love an Apocalypse Now mashup, especially if it looks like it was done on VHS in an era when this kind of mediahacking was so time-consuming, it probably delayed someone's graduation...
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February 28, 2006

Tsotsi: It's Freedomland-Meets-Jersey Girl In Soweto

Tsotsi is nominated for a foreign-language Oscar, which is why you may have been seeing banner ads for it on the NYTimes website. That's all I'd ever heard of it, anyway. Tsotsi means 'thug' in some local Soweto dialect, and...
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February 3, 2006

Rabbit Hole

I was blown away by director Marc Forster's first feature, Everything Put Together, which he did before Monster's Ball, but it's about the emotion-sapping grief of a baby dying of SIDS, and there's no way I can imagine watching it...
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January 5, 2006

Wanted: A Snakes On A Plane Onesie

Snakes On A Plane, man. Snakes On A Plane, coming Aug. 2006 [] Snakes On A Plane: the early blog post Snakes On A Plane: and another one Snakes On A Blog: The Fan Blog Snakes On A Plane t-shirts...
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January 2, 2006

Watch This Movie, Or The Kid Gets It

The kid had a slumber party with her aunt and her grandma, so we went to see a movie--Syriana, aka Traffic-but-with-oil--and it pretty much freaked us out.[1] It wasn't the whole thing about oil companies and their friends in Washington...
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December 1, 2005

Blue Tree, Red Bikini

There are so many ledes in Alex Kucynski's NYT shoppertainment story, it's taken me all week to sort them out: the awesome Pennywhistle Toys on Madison Avenue between 91st & 92nd st closed down?? This is apparently only relevant because......
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October 30, 2005

Congratulations, Heath Ledger! [PS: Did You Get The Bag Clips?]

Seems that Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams had their baby Friday evening in NYC, so congratulations all around. They named the kid Matilda Rose Ledger, which has Australian fans all excited because apparently "Waltzing Matilda" is "the unofficial song of...
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October 19, 2005

Zahara: The Movie Coming Already?

Well, little miss Jolie doesn't waste any time. From the orphanage to a development deal to theaters in time for Thanksgiving? Day-um. Just got an email from Urbanbaby announcing that Zahara opens in theaters Nov. 11. Let me just say,...
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August 24, 2005

Look Who's Copyediting

There are so many ways to go with that headline, though... "As it reads now, it's almost as if the movie is about 40 virgins who are still toddlers (not exactly unusual)." Press Wrestles With Grammatically Incorrect 'Virgin' [e&p, via...
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August 19, 2005

Autistic Boy, 7, Frog-marched Out Of Penguin Movie at Loew's

Location: "Loews Cineplex theaters in the Galleria at Crystal Run" State: NY, but come on, with a name like that, it could be anywhere Dramatis Personae: Anthony, a very photogenic 7-year-old with autism. In a wheelchair. Admittedly, has a hearty...
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July 9, 2005

Blue with the blue again

And you may find yourself one quiet morning, faced with an unfamiliar sight. And you may find all your VentAire bottles, in every color, washed and ready to be reassembled, all at the same time. And you may find...
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June 13, 2005

HoopDogz: Teach Your Child The Two Commandments

I have to say, I've been an admirer of Veggie Tales for a while--it's well-done and not stealth (usually), and independently produced, and it certainly raised the bar for religiously themed programming. [Remember all that hokey Hey Davey claymation from...
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June 8, 2005

Paternal Instinct, or Gay Surrogacy Adoption: The Movie

The Times has a warm, fuzzy review of documentary filmmaker Murray Nossel's latest work, Paternal Instinct, which follows a gay couple of ten years in NYC and the Maine woman who helps them have a child through surrogate adoption. Nossel...
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March 3, 2005

Wait Till They See The Pacifier

This blurb from the Malaysian bootleg DVD of Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 tells the rest of us what the poor chumps who actually saw the movie in theaters already know: "SuperBabies has no redeeming qualities." Which reminds me, Vin Diesel...
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January 30, 2005

Million Dollar Buzzkill

Last night when we took her to a French friend's party, she skipped learning to walk and started dancing a jig. She said "woof!" upon meeting her first dog, and after playing with him for a few minutes, she looked...
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December 30, 2004

Good Idea, Bad Execution: The Woodsman

The Sunshine Cinema on E. Houston St has it's own "Reel Moms"-like program on Wednesday mornings called "Rattle & Reel." All well and good, because they show indie and foreign titles, not always chick flicks. "Babies are FREE!" shouts the...
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December 19, 2004

Zed's Dad, Baby

Anytime might be a good time for pie, but there's no good time for syrup on cheese. Am I the only one who thought that the Spike TV True Dads show kinda blew? It was pretty serious Lifetime, almost like...
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December 15, 2004

Spike TV Gets Real With 'True Dads' Documentary

I was wondering when this was coming. When SpikeTV announced the results of its viewer survey last spring, they also mentioned a series of documentaries they were producing about fatherhood. They were originally supposed to be broadcast in November, but...
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December 12, 2004

A Bloke Reports From Reel Mums

In this report, the Guardian's film critic (and new dad) Steve Rose skips the press previews and takes his 8-week daughter to a Reel Moms-style babies-welcome showing of Dodgeball in London. It'll sound very familiar, but As they say, it's...
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December 7, 2004

You Had Me At 'Explosive'

On the supposedly squeamish subject of men and diaper changing: I've always figured that any gender who can create (and turn into a box office success) a movie like Dumb & Dumber should have absolutely no trouble working the business...
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November 30, 2004

"A Dingo Ate My Bay-Bay"

What is it with kids and dingos? I mean, only ten people saw A Cry In The Dark in 1988 (and I wasn't one of them). Yet somehow, Meryl Streep's anguished, Australian-accented line, "A dingo ate my baby!" has infiltrated...
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November 23, 2004

The Headline Sounded Worse Than The Story

His wife's in on it, and anyway, the kid's only 3-months old. Before I read the story, I had these horrible visions of a musical remake of The Lover flash in front of me. Johnny Hallyday to Adopt Vietnamese Girl...
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November 6, 2004

Going to Reel Moms: The Incredibles

Loews 34th St. It'll be my first time with a kid who doesn't curl up and sleep like a baby possum, but instead crawls all over you like a crazed monkey. Update: The movie was great, although it was weird...
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August 25, 2004

Two Movies I Don't Have to Review Now

Lowculture does a side-by-side assessment of the date movie potential of Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 and Vincent Gallo's Brown Bunny. Not safe to read aloud at work, but no more offensive than someone actually contemplating seeing either of these films....
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July 29, 2004

New Dad's Movie on Cinemax tonight

On my other site, I posted about Jay Rosenblatt's excellent short film, I Used To Be A Filmmaker, in which he skilfully combines observations of his daughter's first 18 months of life with on-the-set jargon. Check it out. I interviewed...
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June 5, 2004

Reel Moms Real-time Report

An unnervingly prompt report from a Daddy Types reader of this morning's Reel Moms screening of Harry Potter, which, by my calculations, got out less than 30 minutes ago. (Yeah, it could've been composed on a Blackberry during the slow...
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May 22, 2004

David Mamet's advice for parents

From the press junket in March for Spartan, his Secret Service conspiracy movie which no one knew about because we were all too busy discussing The Passion:Do you see your career in any kind of continuum? There's a sense, like...
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May 19, 2004

Fresh from "The Cooler"

As I was Googling "tricked out" and "stroller" [so predictable, you don't need to ask], I found a review of Wayne Kramer's movie, The Cooler which mentions the sharp dialogue. I'd already heard about--I kid you not--Alec Baldwin's excellent performance...
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May 1, 2004

Daddy Types does Reel Moms

Let me explain that. After posting about movies for parents with babies, I decided to try it for myself. Tuesday morning, I went to the Loews Georgetown theaters in DC for Reel Moms [sic]. I'd get all pissed about...
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April 26, 2004

Baby-friendly Movie Theaters

The NY Times reports that mid-day movies where parents can bring their babies are a hit. Almost no matter what the movie is. Pluses: lowered volume, slightly raised lights, changing tables with wipes provided, matinee prices, actually seeing a movie...
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Pregnancy Changes Everything

And if you don't believe that, see Kill Bill vol. 2....
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April 23, 2004

Packing Tip: Take Some Pants

We were out shopping today with the kid, and she had a righteous blowout. The whole outfit and the blanket was knocked out of commission. The diaper bag had only a Onesie in it, no pants, socks, anything; and it...
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April 20, 2004

Punch-Drunk Love

Some UrbanBaby Mom: "Aww, thanks. [UB] is like having lots of sisters." Nice enough, except we'd just watched Punch-Drunk Love again, starring Adam Sandler as a novelty plunger salesman with seven neurotic sisters who buys enough lowfat pudding to earn...
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April 6, 2004

No TV, and Eat Your Vegetables

Research out yesterday reveals that: excessive TV viewing before a kid is 3 years old contributes to ADD, and the tastes a kid is exposed to in the first 3-5 months (as well as the last couple of months of...
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April 4, 2004

Russell Banks has Issues

When my weeks-old daughter completely loses it, and I try to calm her down with the shh's and the bounces and the butchered lyrics, I'm reminded of Ian Holm's character in The Sweet Hereafter. Atom Egoyan's film, which he...
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March 25, 2004

YOW. Calling Social Services! Jersey Girl = Abuse

In the NY Times, Stephen Holden gives Kevin Smith's can-I-be-a-good-dad? "widowed-father-raises-spunky-moppet" movie [can't improve on that acid description] one of the worst reviews I've ever read. If Smith makes another movie this bad, he may end up working at a...
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March 24, 2004

DaddyTypes Posterdad, Kevin Smith

The NY Times' BOLDFACE NAMES hit on director Kevin Smith at a junket for his new movie, Jersey Girl. Ever the gentleman, Smith rebuffed the reporter's advances, confessing he left his heart--in New Jersey:He and his wife, JENNIFER SCHWALBACH, were...
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March 22, 2004

Jersey Girl, The Movie for New Dads

Never mind that we drove like hell through New Jersey so that our kid wouldn't be born two weeks early on the Turnpike. DaddyTypes gives a shoutout to Kevin Smith's upcoming Bennifer vehicle/after-school special, Jersey Girl, before we even see...
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March 18, 2004

C is for Cassavetes

Newborn children's vision progresses through several phases as it develops. For the first few months, anyway, a baby can only focus a couple of feet away. Health experts recommend making a lot of close eye contact and giving the kid...
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March 13, 2004

Chad's Dads

Only three feature films have been made in the impoverished African nation of Chad. Two of them, including Abouna, were made by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. Abouna, or Our Father, tells the story of two young brothers who think they catch a...
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