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July 15, 2017

Mrs. Stern's Lamborghini Is For Sale

Mrs. Stern of Hyde Park has finished ferrying the neighborhood children to and from their various school and after-school events, thank you very much, so her pink 1974 Lamborghini Espada daily driver will need to find a new home....
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November 22, 2015

Sweet Naef Lacing Horse By Fredun Shapur

This is one of four wooden lace-up toys-a pony, a camel, a sheep, and a lion-designed by Fredun Shapur in 1969, and manufactured by Naef. They're referred to as Schnurpfeltier, which, Schnur means "cord," and so pfeltier probably means...
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August 24, 2015

The What?? Fiberglass Magic Cradle By Stauffer Reducing

A few days ago DT reader Nathan spotted this amazing-looking vintage cradle on eBay in St Louis. [Turns out it's also on craigslist.] "Had this been up a year ago," Nathan wrote, "I would have considered it for our...
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August 22, 2015

For Sale: Onesies, Lightly Used. At The Peter Brant Family Flea Market

The artist Rob Pruitt has been selling all kinds of his own random clutter on eBay for a couple of years now. This summer, he's turned his Rob Pruitt Flea Market into a Brant Family Flea Market, by setting...
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May 20, 2015

OG San DIego Volvo Wagon Has Giant Sunflower, No Reserve

If only the giant handpainted sunflower were on the other side, this 1986 Volvo 240 DL Wagon would be the perfect carpool dropoffmobile. But since our car has been sideswiped twice in the last four months in that exact...
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January 20, 2015

We Are Easily Amused: British Buggy Bidders Bonkers

The UK has found its next Susan Boyle, and it's a dad of three trying to unload a beat-up Phil & Ted's stroller on eBay. A viral media frenzy has eruptedover seller ukjoel25's auction, which has received 564 inquiries...
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December 28, 2014

Amazing Stokke Tripp Trapp Anniversary Edition High Chair For Sale

The greatest version of the greatest high chair in the world is for sale. Proceeds will go to charity. You should buy it. 2012 was the 40th anniversary of the Stokke Tripp Trapp, designed in 1972 by Peter Opsvik....
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July 14, 2014

Bid Along If You Feel Like A Seasons Natural Treehouse Without A Roof

On the one hand, this Seasons Natural Toys treehouse is a survivor, the first I've ever seen from the eco-friendly, indie toy company started by Jennifer stickley and Lynn DeRose in the early 1990s. And gone now--the last online...
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July 6, 2014

Hello Kitty Waging Global War On Mr. Jihad

There's a new Mr Men in town, and Hello Kitty is not smiling. The Daily Mail reports [sic, obv] that Mr Men & Little Miss owner Sanrio is bent out of shape about Mr Jihad. [Wait, who owner what?...
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June 30, 2014

Not Free, Not For Target: Philippe Starck Mustache Ride

Philippe Starck's The Face haunts Daddy Types like a kids' design version of recovered memory trauma. The Face was introduced in 1997, and was briefly sold in FAO Schwarz, not, as the current seller on eBay UK claims, as...
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June 15, 2014

No. There Is Another: Mercedes 450SE Wagon Conversion

Well now this is interesting. More than interesting, even. It's a 1973 Mercedes 450SE with a wagon conversion, and it's not horrible. In fact, it looks pretty amazing. The seller in Atlanta said the conversion was possibly done by...
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June 1, 2014

Creme Yellow Volvo 850 T-5R Wagon Looks Like Buttah

The other day, driving into NYC, I passed a white-looking Volvo with such an unusual color, I had to take off my yellow-tinted sunglasses. It turned out to be a buttery yellow, and if it's not the first time...
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April 14, 2014

Peter Pearce Curved Space Diamond Structure, aka The Hakone Soap Bubble Castle

A couple of months of Throwback Thursdays ago Johnson Trading Gallery posted these photos to their Instagram. It's a wacked out biomorphic geodesic Habitrail of a jungle gym playground pod whatzit structure they bought on eBay. [And apparently flipped...
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February 25, 2014

Antonio Vitali Creative Playthings Family Ahead Of Their Time

It's always nice to see an Antonio Vitali Creative Playthings family come up for sale on eBay. It's especially nice to see one come up with a superlow starting bid; it always makes for good action. And when the...
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January 26, 2014

The Starsky & Hutch Wagon

Holy smokes, I had no idea this car existed, but now it's obvious that every station wagon should have a giant, white Starsky & Hutch stripe down the side. It's a 1973 AMC Matador Wagon, in exceptional condition, with...
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December 18, 2013

One Small Buy In Now For Dad, The Moon Cars For Mankind

So think about it. In 1969-70, it was the Cultural Revolution, a wholesale disruption of the entire Chinese civilization that shipped all the city folk to scrounge for yams on dirt farms in the provinces. Meanwhile, America was not...
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September 29, 2013

FrankenDiesel Wha Wha Wha? 1999 Mercedes E300TD On eBay

Oh hi, car that shouldn't exist! So I'm just taking a Sunday evening stroll through the Mercedes station wagons on eBay, as one does, and there's this crazy thing: a 1999 E300 Turbodiesel Wagon. Which was a model that...
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September 16, 2013

Aunt Edna Not Included: 1971 Ford Country Squire Seats Ten

This 1971 Ford Country Squire wagon is a California blue plate special in beautiful-looking condition. It features top-of-the-line woodgrain side paneling [and matching woodgrain look on the roof rack] over original paint in a color the factory once called...
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September 13, 2013

Make Your Own Fun [ADVANCED LEVEL]

Creative Playthings Melt Art set was literally a box of crayons and a hot plate. No, seriously: That's like Brick-on-a-String level of make-your-own-fun-somehow. Vintage Melt Art by Creative Playthings NIB, 1st bid $12.99+ 5.75 s/h, auction ends Sept 16...
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September 11, 2013

Creative Playthings Brick-on-a-String

After the corporate takeover of Creative Playthings, executives at CBS did try to stay true to the simple, imagination-fueling design principles the toy company had pioneered. But between the knockoffs and the red diaper nanny staters starting the CPSC,...
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September 4, 2013

Creative Playthings Whale Puppet FTW

Alright, it's only been a few months, but I think this project is coming together very nicely. We'll put the 50-ft wolf puppet sculpture on top of a mountain. The giant duck puppet sculpture can go in Hong Kong....
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August 2, 2013

Ikea Dollhouse Furniture Exists

Doesn't it seem weird that Ikea hasn't had doll house furniture all along? I mean, think about it. Anyway, they have it now. It's in the new catalogue. One room's worth, four pieces. It looks pretty pointless. On the...
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July 24, 2013

Creative Vocational Educational Playthings

Learning how to tie shoelaces is just one way you can give your kid an edge over his Velcro-dependent playmates. It's important to help your kid prepare for a career, ideally through fun, inspiring, roleplaying toys. And given the way...
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July 23, 2013

Bozart Boom: Three Kaleidoscope Dollhouses For Sale Out There

Dust off your credit scores and fire up the pre-approved mortgages, because the Bozart Kaleidoscope dollhouse market is ROARING BACK, people. Not that anything's reaching the crazy speculative heights of the pre-2008 doll real estate bubble, of course. But there...
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June 2, 2013

Duck Puppet No Wolf Puppet

I can't really imagine blowing this up into an instantly iconic sculpture 50-foot tall, but this Creative Playthings duck puppet is funny-looking. OK, I could be wrong. Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman, in Hong Kong Harbor. image: cnn vintage...
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May 9, 2013

This Creative Playthings Grey Wolf Puppet Will Change The World

Look, here's the deal. I'm posting about this insanely awesome Creative Playthings grey wolf puppet, even though I'm bidding on it. Because ultimately, my winning the puppet is less important to me than making sure that it gets reproduced,...
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April 18, 2013

BYO Booster Seats: OG 1975 Volvo C303 Soft-Top

Remember that amazing Volvo C303 that had been demilitarized and given a deluxe-looking, preschool dropoff line-ready metallic silver paint job? Yeah, this is not that. The C303 was Volvo's 1970s military flagship, the Swedish equivalent to the Unimog and...
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March 7, 2013

It Was An Ancient Randonneur

I've had a draft for a post about this 1940s randonneur in the style and meter of Coleridge's "The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" half-written for so long, the unsold item listing has disappeared from French eBay. Which is...
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February 13, 2013

For Sale: Starck Baby Tableware, Never Used

Timpee1, an eBay seller in Wisconsin, has decided now is the time clear out the Philippe Starck + Target baby gear that's been sitting, unused, in the packages, since 2001. Which, if you're in the market for a baby...
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February 1, 2013

This Creative Playthings Puzzle Has Been Buy It Nowed.

In the time it took me and K2 to return our Star Trek video this morning, a faster eBay shark than I snapped up this sweet 1970s wooden tray puzzle Fredun Shapur made for Creative Playthings. Which, technically, yes,...
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January 21, 2013

The Greatest Creative Playthings Kaleidoscope I've Ever Seen!

If the first half of the lifespan of Daddy Types is a documentation of all the kidstuff I've bought, the second half is about unloading it all on the next generation. And yes, this weekend feels like a milestone;...
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January 14, 2013

Sweet Creative Playthings Car, With Manual Choke

The eBay seller's right, you don't see these classic Creative Playthings hardwood cars in this nice of shape very often. And you don't see them with all the passengers, either. But I guess the original buyer of this example...
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December 12, 2012

Cold Storage Philippe Starck X Target Banana Car

Speaking of expensive things made of cheap, yellow plastic: Here is a mint-in-box example of the acid banana-shaped ride-on toy designed by Philippe Starck for Target in 2001, being sold on eBay by someone whose business model seems to be...
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December 10, 2012

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red PR

Now that they've retired [Where's Jeff? Not at the barber, that's for sure!], and taken their last victory tour/lap of Australia, The Wiggles have put "The Big Red Car" on eBay, with all proceeds going to support SIDS and...
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November 29, 2012

You Should Buy These Vintage Creative Playthings Blocks Before I Do

Seriously, this big 52-pc set of vintage Creative Playthings blocks, solid maple, in good condition, in their original box, for just $43 plus free shipping?? That's like $3.50/lb, cheaper than Froot Loops. Get on it, people! You crazy! Vintage...
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November 2, 2012

For Sale: Creative Playthings Playset, Come And Get It

Even in the face of power outages, transit paralysis, food and gas shortages, and Halloween reschedulings, the brave, resilient band of Creative Playthings collectors are not letting hurricane Sandy slow their trading activity. Why, just now, on the North...
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October 6, 2012

Pre-Snyder Era Kids Redskins Poncho

Unused, c. 1970s-80s, kid-size, vinyl Washington Redskins rain poncho, : $45. Shipping & Handling: $7. Knowing that Dan Snyder does not see even one thin dime of your purchase: priceless. VINTAGE WASHINGTON REDSKINS CHILD'S VINYL PONCHO SIZE S, buy...
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September 21, 2012

Philippe Starck X Target Pop-up Playhouse

Now that's kind of interesting. It's five pieces of the springy, pop-up playhouse toys from Philippe Starck's short-lived, pop-up collection of baby gear for Target in 2002, all new in box. With three tunnels, and two tents, you could...
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September 19, 2012

Whoa Who Wha? Vitali Playforms Community Helpers

Antonio Vitali Community Helpers? I've never even seen Community Helpers. I thought that Vitali's awesome, biomorphic, carved wood Creative Playthings family was entirely self-sufficient. But no, they had help from, respectively: a Miss Clavell-lookin' nun, a guy carrying a...
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September 12, 2012

Like-A-Hammer: 1988 Mercedes AMG Mallet 300TE 6.0 Wagon

Let me just say, from personal experience, that if you have a collectible 1980s Mercedes and you haven't accumulated at least $40,000 worth of receipts for it by now, you are doing it wrong. Because those receipts will come, and...
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September 6, 2012

There Is No I In ABC

But otherwise, these lower case, wooden letters from Creative Playthings are pretty sweet. Also choke hazardy. Vintage CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS Wood Set of Toy Letters+BOX, currently $14 + 11 s/h, auction ends Sept 11 [ebay]...
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September 2, 2012

Bid/Buy/Build: The Creative Playthings Slot-Together Dollhouse Is By Roger Limbrick.

It's funny, all this time it's been an awesome icon of 60s American modernist kids design, and I'd never actually wondered who made the Creative Playthings slot-together, openside doll house. The answer, which Andy knew all along: British designer...
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August 20, 2012

Creative Playthings Truck, POS

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong Can you tell which thing is not like the others, Before the auction's done? It hasn't reached "eames" levels of meaninglessness yet, but...
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August 19, 2012

We All Probably Missed Fredun Shapur's Creative Playthings Soft Blocks

Whoops, I guess I was on vacation and not checking ebay enough and thus basically missed this awesome set of good-as-new soft blocks covered with designs by Fredun Shapur. Not sure what your excuse is, but $16 seems mighty...
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August 13, 2012

Now We Know: Creative Playthings Lumber Tractor & Trailer

It's been a few years since I've seen one of these 2-by tractors turn up on eBay. And when the first one popped up, it wasn't clear whether it was by Community Playthings, the Mennonite-ish wooden toy and daycare/preschool/educational...
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July 13, 2012

It's My Desk In A Box, Or CBS-Era Creative Playthings' Most Depressing Toy

At what point in the development of the Creative Playthings L'il Boss Desk In A Case do you think it occurred to folks that this would be the toy most likely to destroy the sweet, little dreams of their...
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July 2, 2012

Here Is A Philippe Starck X Target Baby Carrier.

I have no idea if the baby carrier Philippe Starck designed for Target like ten years ago is any good. I mean, if it were really nice, wouldn't they keep on making it? Was all that Starck X Target...
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June 28, 2012

Maserati Indy In The Car Pool Lane

If Daddy Types were a preschool, our drop-off line would be INSANE. Not content with just the Family Ferraris, DT reader Nathan is now turning up other vintage 4-seat exotics that lull you in with oh-so-reasonable-seeming sale prices, and then...
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June 27, 2012

OG Creative Playthings Supertanker

This vintage Creative Playthings tanker has the most unusual hull configuration I've seen since Karl Stromberg's Liparus. At 21 inches, it also has dimensions, parts, and construction techniques that look like they could be replicated easily in your Popular Mechanics-era...
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June 21, 2012

The First Step In Solving A Philippe Starck + Target Diaper Bag Problem

Looks like someone's finally facing up to their Philippe Starck for Target diaper bag hoarding problem. An eBay seller has five of the graphite-and-highlighter bags, which Starck made in 2000, in both backpack and shoulder styles, all apparently new-with-tags....
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