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August 24, 2005

DT Book Review Contest Prizes, Winners

I know what you've all been thinking: enough with the helmets and the random Euro architecture and get on with the prize drawing already! Well, you're right, and fine. But first, I want to give a big thanks to everyone...
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August 23, 2005

Book Review Contest: How Little Lori Visited Times Square

Title: How Little Lori Visited Times Square Author/Illustrator: Amos Vogel/ Maurice Sendak Reviewer: Eric Schulmiller ìThis is a very funny book and should not be read while drinking orange juice or you will spill it!" Truer words may never...
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August 22, 2005

I Think The Book Review Contest Is Over

If you sent me a review before last Friday night and you haven't seen it on the site, drop me an email. Otherwise, I've just posted the last of the reviews. I'll crunch the numbers and wrap up tomorrow (Tuesday):...
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Book Review Contest: The Very Busy Spider; On The Beach

Title: The Very Busy Spider [amazon link] Author/Illustrator: Eric Carle Reviewer: Dina [Check out her full review at High Maintenance Mom] Dina sees Carle's book as all too true-to-life: "The Spider is a diligent worker in what could be...
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Book Review Contest: Mice Squeak, We Speak; Munch, Munch; Tails

Reviewer: Amy Johnson writes, "At 6 months old, our daughter had apparently developed a preference in her bedtime book selection, Mice Squeak, We Speak.. Over the next 6 months, she's expanded her interest into the lift-the-flap and touch-and-feel books. Our...
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Book Review Contest: 10 Minutes till Bedtime

Title:10 Minutes till Bedtime Author/Illustrator: Peggy Rathmann Reviewer: Brent & co.Tourist hamster raid Words gone; images detailed New find every night. Rathmann's unstoppable hamsters are just cheeky enough to widen your eyes at their bold antics but polite enough...
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August 19, 2005

Book Review Contest: Farmer Duck

Title: Farmer Duck Author/Illustrator:Martin Waddel/ Helen Oxenbury Reviewer: Susan ZemanI love Farmer Duck because the beleaguered workers drive off the lazy fat cat capitalist owner and take over the means of production themselves, but kids love it for the lyrical...
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Book Review Contest: Cat and Fish

Title: Cat and Fish Author/Illustrator: Joan Grant/ Neil Curtis Reviewer: James (Dutch) James found Cat and Fish on a trip to SFMOMA with his daughter, Junebug [I'm guessing it's a nickname, but they do live in San Francisco, so...
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Book Review Contest: Madlenka

Title: Madlenka Author/Illustrator: Peter Sis Reviewer: Holly SalmonìIn a universe, on a planet, in a country, in a cityÖî Madlenka, by Peter Sis, has to be my favorite book in my sonís little library. The story is one of...
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Book Review Contest: The Table Where Rich People Sit

Title: The Table Where Rich People Sit Author/Illustrator: Byrd Baylor Reviewer: Clint Carter [blog:]A young girl living in the desert questions her parents regarding the amount of money they make and is growing concerned as she becomes aware...
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Last Day To Get Your Book Reviews In

Sheesh, the family that inadvertently sleeps till noon together stays together, I guess. Today's the last day to submit your baby book reviews to be eligible for the prize drawings. I've got a big backlog, and will probably be running...
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August 16, 2005

Book Review Contest: Mr. Seahorse

Title: Mr. Seahorse Author/Illustrator: Eric Carle Reviewer: LeeFeminists and SAHDís alike will likely rejoice in this book. Join Mr. Seahorse as he cares for his eggs and wanders through the sea meeting other aquatic life for whom the daddytype...
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Book Review Contest: Who's Peeking?

Title: Who's Peeking? Author/Illustrator: Charles Reasoner Reviewer: Laura McMullanMy vote for the best interactive book for a destructive 6-18 month old is this simple board book. "Who's Peeking?" is the best alternative to the lift-the-flap (i.e. tear-the-flap-off-the-book), pop-up (i.e....
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Book Review Contest: Actual Size

Title: Actual Size Author/Illustrator: Steve Jenkins Reviewer: Jordana Horn MarinoffMy 21 month old son may become a zoologist because of this book. Actual Size is a very clever book which, with each page, illustrates various animals or animal parts...
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August 15, 2005

Book Review Contest: All the Colors of the Earth

Title: All the Colors of the Earth Author/Illustrator: Sheila Hamanaka Reviewer: Jason SperberI've loved this book long before parenthood was even an idea. I discovered it during my college activist days and was soon buying multiple copies to give...
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August 14, 2005

Book Review Contest: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop

Title: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop Author/Illustrator: Chris Raschka Reviewer: Jason SperberMy 9-month-old daughter loooves this book (we have it in the boardbook edition). It's a great introduction to the idea of jazz and music in book form, but...
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Book Review Contest: "More More More," Said the Baby

Title: "More More More," Said the Baby Author/Illustrator: Vera Williams Reviewer: Buck Says Buck: "The baby books we own fall into two categories: 1) ubiquitous gifts--I think we have three editions of GM, but we might have four-- and...
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Book Review Contest: The Gas We Pass

Title: The Gas We Pass Author/Illustrator: Shinta Cho Reviewer: Kevin VanderWerfWhat can you say about a book called ëThe Gas We Passí? What I should say is, where should I start? I came across this book about 2 years...
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Book Review Contest: Cannonball Simp

Title: Cannonball Simp Author/Illustrator: John Burningham Reviewer: Tiffany FeasterThis is my all-time favorite childrenís book. I almost hesitated to submit this book because I have always felt like it was a treasured family secret, and I wanted to keep...
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August 12, 2005

Book Review Contest: El Oso Verde and El HipopÛtamo Amarillo

Title: El Oso Verde and El HipopÛtamo Amarillo Author: Alan Rogers Reviewer: Kevin LiuMy wife and I picked up these books in our search for bilingual and Spanish-only books. We enjoyed these two since they have a single sentence...
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Book Review Contest: The Big Red Barn

Title: The Big Red Barn Author/Illustrator: Margaret Brown/ Felicia Bond Reviewer: Theresa McCarthyYou will read it again and again. It is the simple story about one day in the lives of the inhabitants of The Big Red Barn; but...
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Book Review Contest: Go Away, Big Green Monster!

Title: Go Away, Big Green Monster! Author/Ilustrator: Ed Emberly Reviewer: John CrimminsI'll get the downside out of the way first: Hand this book to your child, and he'll destroy it in three seconds flat. It's not available in board...
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August 11, 2005

Book Review Contest: The Eye Book

Title: The Eye Book Author/Illustrator: Theodore Le Sieg/ Joe Mathieu Reviewer: bobw at beulah land [aka]I've been blessed with only one eye, so when I saw The Eye Book at the store, I just couldnít resist (having never...
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Book Review Contest: Everywhere Babies

Title: Everywhere Babies Author/Illustrator: Susan Meyers/ Marla Frazee Reviewer: Nicole ApostolaIn a not-to-cloying rhyme, this book takes the reader through the stages of baby-dom, from swaddled newborns to the transition from liquid to solid foods to learning to walk....
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Book Review Contest: Bus-Driving Pigeons, Big Trains, & Berenstain Bears

Whoa, Elizabeth at Half-Changed World reviews three books at once. Here are excerpts: The Good Title: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Author/Illustrator: Mo WillemsMy son and I usually read it together, with his job being to say...
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August 10, 2005

Book Review Contest: First Book of Sushi

Title: First Book Of Sushi Author/Illustrator: Amy Wilson Sanger Reviewer: Delia [blog: eliaday]This First Book of Sushi is perfect for any post-pregnancy moms that were dying for 9 months of so without their sushi fix. The bright colors and...
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Book Review Contest: Hola Jalapeno

Title: Hola Jalapeno Author/Illustrator: Amy Wilson Sanger Reviewer: Whitney Moss [] This short board book is part of a series, all with a similar theme - ethnic food, and a similar format - cut paper artwork. Hola Jalapeno is...
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August 8, 2005

Book Review Contest: Dinosaur Bob

Title Dinosaur Bob Author/Illustrator: William Joyce Reviewer: AJ from Thingamababy Joyce is a prolific artist and storyteller behind such shows as Disney's Rolie Polie Olie and the recent CD film, Robots. AJ's review of his Dinosaur Bob books morphs into...
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Book Review Contest: Airplanes and Machines at Work

Title: Airplanes; Machines at Work Author/Illustrator: Byron Barton Reviewer: Kelli CreeMy son (almost 2) really loves Byron Barton's books. His favorites are Airplanes and and Machines at Work. Airplanes is a nice board book with very clear pictures and...
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August 5, 2005

Book Review Contest: Urban Babies Wear Black

Title: Urban Babies Wear Black Author/Illustrator: Michelle Sinclair Colman, Nathalie Dion Reviewer: Laura McMullanThere isn't much to say about this book, as it isn't a piece of great literature; it's a board book. With that said, it is a hilarious...
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Book Review Contest: Action Jackson: In Your FACE, Olivia

The first review to come in was written yesterday, before the contest even started. Todd Gibson just posted his latest Review Of The Week on his blog, From The Floor, and I figure, hey, if you've got a good review...
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Announcing The Daddy Types Baby Book Review Contest

A while back, when I got so many great recommendations for books that don't drive you crazy if you have to read them a thousand times, I thought it'd be interesting to try a book review contest. So how about...
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