July 8, 2017

SLEEP, Pleaded David Shrigley

Untitled, 2012, unique linocut print, about 100 x 70 cm.

If he wanted to, he could have had one of these prints hanging in every nursery of every kid born in the English-speaking world in the last five years, but that's not how David Shrigley rolls.

A linocut print is printed from a carved linoleum block, and Shrigley only made one. It was at Anton Kern Gallery in NYC in 2013. You could get pretty close, though, if you sent this jpg to the giant printer at Kinko's.

Or just cut and paste the text below into a document and print at the biggest size you can think of:


David Shrigley, "Signs," Jan - Feb 2013, at Anton Kern [antonkerngallery.com, thanks dt reader mario]

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