May 16, 2017

Baby's First Mall Hangout


Oh things are quiet around here, obviously. Maybe it's the world we're living in right now. Coupled with the fact that the kid is in 7th grade, and I am so far out of the new dad demo, it is literally not funny.

I've thought many times of wrapping things up, maybe by inviting the kid to write something herself. To share her views on what we're finding out to be a unique experience: growing up with a digital trail of parental oversharing that she doesn't actually have to deal with. But that day and that blog post is not yet.

I do feel like taking a small victory lap, though. Because the kid went on a school band trip to Philadelphia over the weekend, where they were forced by relentless rain to redirect 50 kids from an amusement park to the King of Prussia Mall for the afternoon.

That's right, the kid had her first mall hangout. And she bought a Jamba Juice and a porcupine quill. If you'd like to know how we raised a kid this awesome, just review the last 13 years of archives on this blog. Because it worked. That is all.

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