January 12, 2017

A Four-Letter Word For Swiss Baby

Swiss Miss has gone and done it, opening the crowdsourcing floodgates to unleash the awesome hivemind of her twitter followers and blog readers to come up with a four-letter name her baby boy, aka Swissmister. Gotta be four letters.

I don't know how much time she has before he arrives, but she may want to crowdsource an algorithm for sifting through the gigabytes of suggestions. If you have a favorite, it's probably in there.

And so here I go to weigh in on the names I like from the first couple of dozen blog comments, which, to be honest, is as far as I got:


And my bonus suggestion, though it might end up sounding old-fashioned in the coming petabyte era: Giga

Anyway, good luck! Hahahaha, what? I thought this was odd, but yes, this post is from 2009. She just tweeted out the comment stream dataset to anyone wanting 4-letter boy names. Also, I'm pretty sure she went with Bort. Yeah, almost positive.

[Vintage] Extreme Crowdsourcing [swiss-miss via @swissmiss]

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