March 25, 2016

English Baby Born In Mumbai Doing Well

Rather than do the typical expat thing (?) of going home for the delivery, Financial Times Mumbai bureau chief James Crabtree and his wife decided to have their first kid in India. I mean with an oceanfront hospital called Breach Candy, how can you resist?

For the locals, the sight of a giant red-headed foreigner striding around with a small red-headed foreigner strapped to his chest provided reliable amusement.


Walking through an Indian airport with my son is perhaps the closest I will come to celebrity, as heads turned to watch the baby, and strangers approached, embarrassed and smiling, asking for selfies.

Everyone loves a baby, the childcare options are endless, and the Hindu babynaming ceremonies are like icing on the cake. Except for strollers, parks, monsoons, and crushing street poverty, it sounds like it was awesome.

FT correspondent James Crabtree on bringing up a baby in Mumbai [ft]

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