February 27, 2016

A Carpool Lineful Of Awesomely Ridiculous Station Wagons

Hey, look at that. The easiest way to cure yourself of blogging is to not blog. I'm sure this means I can stop anytime. And all these tips and tabs I have piled up in my browser will just post themselves!

Or maybe I was just waiting for one ridiculous station wagon to become an entire fleet. But these three wagons would make the world's sickest preschool dropoff line:


I'm not sure what's nuttier: an Aston Martin Lagonda shooting brake [*cough* wagon], or the fact that this very car has already been on Daddy Types already. Twice. Oh, wait, I know what's crazier: that the asking price for this thing-CHF 420,000-is 2x as much as the last time.

Wedge Wagon: 1987 Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting Brake [bringatrailer]


There's nothing like an Aston Martin wagon to make a $5,000 1991 Mercedes 300TE with a lift kit look like sane, reasonable transportation. This example sounds a bit more probleMatic than 4Matic, but the concept is both solid and ridiculous. Please make it happen, someone.

Lifted and Factory Lockers: 1991 Mercedes 300TE 4matic Wagon [bringatrailer]


Now who will split the difference? Can you imagine a world where a beautifully restored 1972 Citroen DS21 Break is the most logical, worry-free, and exciting choice? Because that's where we are. This is not quite my favorite year or variant of the DS, but it's pretty damn close, and it looks fantastic. Extremely tempting.

Swivel Lights & Blue Plates: Beautifully Restored 1972 Citroen DS21 Break [bringatrailer]

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