October 21, 2015

1,584 Of Seven


Until I clicked through to the actual article [which, is everything on 538 written in this faux-dumb voice?], I had assumed all 1,584 Sevens got their names because their parents were hot for the Borg. Which struck me as an unlikely naming strategy, if only because the inevitable Jeri Ryan Talk will never be less awkward than when Donald Trump discusses dating his daughter.

But no.

It has to be entirely driven by the other Jerry. Good grief, what the hell is wrong with you people. This show, I hated it, I never watched it, I had no idea about this baby name thing. And this clip, good grief, it is so grating and annoying in every possible way. Yet I've been in the business of writing about baby names for almost twelve years now, and this is still the first I've heard of it.

Seinfeld people are just the worst. If you all changed your kids' names to Disney Princesses tomorrow it'd be a net gain for the universe.

And anyway, Charles Schulz put a kid named 5 in Peanuts in 1963, and his sisters were 3 and 4. Their last name was their zip code, 95472 He's the one doing that shruggie dance in the Charlie Brown Christmas, and you really can't get any cooler than that.

There Are 1,584 People In America Named 'Seven' [fivethirtyeight via dt guru rolf]
555 95472 [peanuts.wikia.com]

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