July 18, 2014

Action Movie Kid, Dad To Rule The Viral Marketing Galaxy As Father And Son

In case you were worried about the fate of ActionMovieKid and his dad as their 2015 Toyota Sienna #SwaggerWagon gets caught in the space station's powerful tractor beam, let the "Fictitious scene with stationary vehicle" disclaimer put your mind at ease.

Meanwhile, back in the non-fiction world, Action Movie Kid Dad Daniel Hashimoto signed with UTA last month, both to direct film projects, and to blow out "the Action Movie Kid IP into books, products, and feature spinoffs."

DT's favorite minivan and viral IP licensing sleuth David Traver Adolphus reports that a web marketing consulting firm registered ActionMovieKid.com in April, a couple of weeks after Hashimoto's CGI-filled YouTube channel broke out. I am confident that this signals an authentic, reasoned response by a parent who's well-versed in the film, TV, and entertainment industry. If the whole thing were really a long viral con, they would've locked up the domain name first. Enjoy the ride, Kidâ„¢!

Tractorbeam! | Toyota Sienna 2015 [youtube
UTA Signs 'Action Movie Kid' Viral Video Creator Daniel Hashimoto [deadline.com
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