June 30, 2014

Not Free, Not For Target: Philippe Starck Mustache Ride


Philippe Starck's The Face haunts Daddy Types like a kids' design version of recovered memory trauma.

The Face was introduced in 1997, and was briefly sold in FAO Schwarz, not, as the current seller on eBay UK claims, as part of Starck's 1999-2000 kids' capsule collection for Target.


If you must have one in your collection, reading this post or clicking through to the auction page constitutes your agreement to hold me, Daddy Types, and all its contributors, commenters, and readers not liable for any longterm psychological, developmental, or college admissions-related damages your kid may, uh, face.

Philippe Starck. Democratic Design. Mustache ride-on toy. Designed for Target [sic], auction ends July 9, opening bid
GBP 75+30 shipping
Previously, 2011: Philippe Starck's The Face Mustache Ride-on Toy

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