June 16, 2014

Volvo Wagons, At Least, Are A Thing Again


Here's the deal, car makers: No matter how many SUVs and crossovers and Google robot cars come down the road, as long as there's one writer who remembers riding in back as a kid, we're never gonna stop trying to make station wagons happen.

Today it's Jesse Will, in the Wall Street Journal, with a sloppy kiss to a fleet of wagon models, including the new Volvo V60 T5 and the Mercedes E-Class, "the only model with a rear-facing jump seat."

Huh, sounds like the Journal's guy was on the same Station Wagon Association of America junket as the NY Times' Lawrence Ulrich, who rounded up almost the exact same wagon suspects in his Volvo review a couple of weeks ago.

Station Wagons That Are Licensed to Thrill [wsj via dt reader rolf]
A Swede That's Not Square to Be Hip [nyt]
The 2015 Volvo V60 Sportswagon [volvocars.com]

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