February 24, 2014

Bayerische Manual Wagon


DT's favorite car shark DT spotted this impressive Vader Wagon on Craigslist Milkwaukee: it's a 2011 BMW E91 3-series M-sport wagon, the last of the 6-speed manuals. It has just 25k miles, warranty coverage through 2015, and is "in immaculate condition - clean car fax; no stories."


Which, mhm, I bet there's a story behind the white leather interior, though.


And I'd love to hear the one about that street sign in the garage, the memento of a previous life stage that's not currently for sale.

BMW E91 Rare M-sport wagon - Manual - $37500 (Wauwatosa) [milwaukee.craigslist.org]


Seems like a lot of money. This is not an M vehicle. It's an M sport which basically gets you some suspension upgrades and extra badging on top of the base engine in this case. Its still a nice I6 but it's pretty much the low end of the range.

From experience buying an AWD wagon with an MT that you hear a lot about how "rare" and "special" it is but when you're selling it you hear about how nobody wants wagons or manuals. Still, I have no doubt they'll get a good price for it. Problem is that Craiglist may not be the way to go. When I listed my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon with MT on Craigslist I got some interest but mostly people who didn't appreciate the turbo or the manual. But when I posted it on a Legacy GT fan site I got inquiries from all over the country and ended up selling it to a guy who made two trips from Boston to NY to test drive and then buy it.

Just needed to check my gut reaction to the price. KBB has it under $30K, even in Excellent condition.

Yeah, I worried getting into the M vs M sport would harsh the buzz, but it's a valid point; as is pointing out that this was the highest-spec wagon model available in the US at the time, which, still. On the bright side, the I6 doesn't have the fuel pump disaster of the 335.

And I think your point is quite right about rarity. You hope you're able to get the car in front of the 100 diehard wagon/mt commenter/blogger/evangelists online, and that one of them's in the market. Or if it's on ebay, that two of them are.

Wagon lover news out of Geneva: Ridiculous hot wagon from Jaguar not destined for the US and some eye-candy vaporware from Volvo.

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