February 3, 2014

Minnesota Nice Mutton Bustin'


I understand that there's not much to do in Minnesota this time of year, especially for kids who aren't old enough to get drunk ice-fishing.

So yes, in theory, a World's Toughest Mutton Bustin' Competition would a nice evening out for the whole family. But try as the Pioneer Press's Ben Garvin might, it just doesn't make sense to report on mutton bustin' with still photos. You need video.

And here's where we see the problem:

Cameras and tripods outnumber the sheep, which outnumber the audience. With 45 kids ages 4-6yo competing, it seems like they tried to make an entire evening out of what is really a sidebar event for a larger rodeo. It just doesn't work.

Or maybe it needs more crowds and less padding. Check out this crazy montage from the Iowa State Fair, where 300 kids ride in five performances, all with just a helmet. Most of the time. This is what mutton bustin's all about.

Pint-Size Cowpokes Saddle Up For Mutton-Bustin' [twincities via @abesauer]

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