February 1, 2014

Aging Punk Hoons Little Tike


After a virtual garageful of head-scratching, WTF projects, a couple of Oxfordshire hoons have finally hit upon the crazy, one-off car mod that's destined for viral greatness: they've built a full-size, street-legal version of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe that can go 70mph.

According to Sploid and BBC Oxford [below], John Bitmead spent 1,000 hours and 4,000 pounds on the project simply because he "thought, what a wonderful idea."

It's only when we turn to the experts at Autoweek that we learn Bitmead and his brother Geoff are car customizers by trade [so, customisers].

attitude_autos_coupe-300x224.jpgAutoweek also provides details of the build: the car is based on a first-generation Daewoo Metiz coupe [the 3rd gen's now sold in the US as the Chevy Spark], with the roof, glass, and 760mm of wheelbase removed. Their reported cost is $58,000, which translates to GBP35,000, which sounds like it includes those 1,000 hours they're not going to get back.

The Bitmeads' firm Attitude Auto's logo is the anarchy A, so maybe this car was somehow a punker move? I suppose I should know. Maybe the most punk think about it is how, in their FAQ, they mock you for wanting to order one for yourself. Yeah, capitalism!

It's an adult-sized, fully operational Cozy Coupe [autoweek via dt readers rolf and nathan]
Adult-sized child made a street legal Little Tikes Car that goes 70mph [sploid via dt reader josh]
Attitude Autos Toytown Coupé [attitudeautos.com]

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