December 9, 2013

Dad Lang Syne

Jason and the Existential Why of Christmas:

The first of a new kind of holiday for us. I thought of the Winter Solstice: in the face of days that had grown colder and nights that had grown longer, people huddled together and celebrated the fact that they were alive, and rejoiced in the knowledge that soon that a corner would be turned, and the sun would stick around a bit longer each day. There's always winter. And then there's always spring. The cycle repeats itself each year, as we grow older, as some of us drift apart, as some of us drift back together. There's a comfort in that. One worth celebrating.

This seems like a good place to end things here at DadCentric.

Wait, what?? It is indeed a darkening day in dadblogland. Such a great run. It was a great honor to have joined Dadcentric at the outset and to have blogged a tiny bit alongside the great dads there over the years. And I hope all the best for Jason, the family, and the crew.

Reading this, I'm suddenly reminded of songwriter Mark Mulcahy's appearance on Fresh Air last week. Mulcahy's back to performing after taking time off to figure out how to raise his twin daughters alone. [There is a lot of deep sorrow and beauty in that phrase]

Given the chance to sing a holiday song, Mulcahy skips the carols and goes with "Auld Lang Syne". Because, he says, the song asks, "Is it relevant to remember old times? Is there a point to that?...I feel like I'm a 'moving forward type,' but when I listen to this song, I wonder if--it's a good question to ask."

Solstice [dadcentric]
Mark Mulcahy is the moving forward type [npr, auld lang syne starts at 34:00]


Meanwhile, Zombie Dadcentric is suddenly alive [sic] and kicking ass on Twitter these days. So there you have it.

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