November 27, 2013

Occupy This: Playmobil Special Forces Unit


For every Playmobil student protestor set you buy, you'll need 10 of the Playmobil Special Forces Unit sets. You also need a little pepper spray can for, you know, realism.


I don't understand, though, why the Tactical Unit Car is so small, and so understaffed, barely a Hummer H2. Very pre-Occupy.

Playmobil 5186 | Police Special Forces Unit, like $10 at Amazon [amazon]
Playmobil 5974 | Tactical Unit Car, around $20 [amazon]

1 Comment

If I know Playmobil, these must also come with 1,000 rounds of tiny rubber bullets and 150 tiny dog biscuits that you will be pulling out of the carpet for years.

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