November 22, 2013

People Are Just Runnin' Over Kids In New York, And It's Got To Stop

Five kids killed by cars in five weeks, the most recent of which was a 9yo in Brooklyn:

Less than a month earlier, on Oct. 11, a drunk driver killed 3-year-old Olvin Jahir Figueroa in Queens. Samuel Cohen Eckstein, 12, died in Brooklyn on Oct. 8 after being run over by a delivery van. On Oct. 6, 3-year-old Allison Liao was struck and killed in a Queens crosswalk. And Kiko Shao, 5, died in Brooklyn on Sept. 26 after being hit by an S.U.V.
Seriously, people, it's like a city parent's fulltime job X2 to teach their kid not to run into the street. The least you can do--seriously, it is the very least--is to keep your car off the sidewalks. Then let's talk about the seriously basic-est traffic laws about not mowing down kids and other people in crosswalks and such.

How Could One Thoughtless Driver Take This Child? [nyt]

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