October 26, 2013

Amazing Matching Burl Walnut Kids Chair

Thumbnail image for jb_blunt_chair_rago.jpg

Amazing. In any realistic view of human civilization, you figure in one human life, you'll see maybe one gnarly burl kid's chair attributed to JB Blunk? Maybe? Ever?

And yet, here we are less than six months later, and Rago is auctioning one again! What are the odds?

Do you think there's really a warehouse of these things in New Jersey, all with perfectly matched burl, and they're just releasing them one at a time to string us along? Do you think it'll sell for near the same price as last spring? Do you think the winner will pay for it this time? Make your guesses in the comments!

Lot 1103: J.B. BLUNK (Attr.) Sculpted solid walnut burl child"s chair, USA, 1960s
Unmarked, est. $3-4,000
UPDATE: Sold [again?] for $3,625!

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