September 18, 2013

In The Beginning Was These DIY Mormon Play Furniture & Blocks


I stupidly didn't buy this book last month in Utah, even when I held it in my hand--and snapped a couple of cheap shots of it with my camera. But I'm trying to make up for my blogging sins, and I'll update these images with better ones as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, Gospel Lessons For Little Ones was the mid-60s edition of the nursery teacher's manual, published by the Deseret Sunday School Union."

"Wood - pine, painted cream enamel with pale green trim on legs. Portable height varied according to size of children"

It must be that self-sufficient, Mormon Pioneer spirit that just assumes everyone will be building their nursery furniture, storage, and even the blocks, from scratch. And that they'd know how to taper a table leg, round a chair top, and brace a bench without further explanation.


And here, even if no one ever uses these jpgs to make their own blocks, I want better pictures to show off these S's, which are awesome, the Mormon moderne version of an illuminated manuscript

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The Mormons seem to have borrowed that Font off Frank Lloyd Wright!

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