September 9, 2013

1985 Honda Civic WagoVan Survivor


Admittedly, it's a pretty short list, but the 1985 Civic WagoVan with the wacky rear windows and the AWD is one of my all-time favorite Hondas. That you could get in the US. It was designed to hold five passengers, plus the company's entire supply of quirk, with room to spare.

And now you almost never see them, because they've been driven into--or have melted into--the ground. Except, apparently, for this one, which is for sale in Oregon. t's in remarkable-sounding condition, and it has both AWD and a 6-speed manual transmission. If you're looking for a cheap, easy, reliable, versatile, odd, and cool little family car, this could be the one for you.

Or maybe it's for me. Just roll it straight off the transport into the paint booth.

1985 Civic 4WD Ultra Rare SL-6spd Wagovan Shuttle, currently $2,075, auction ends 9/15 [ebay via bringatrailer]
UPDATE: sold for $4,148. Nice.


But it does it have an in-dash inclinometer like its contemporary counterpart from Toyota, the Tercel Wagon 4WD? Which, btw, had even wackier rear windows.

Since Micah brought up the Tercel, should we also mention the Nissan Stanza wagon which also came with AWD?

Would be nice if Honda brought back a little bit of that "quirk." To find even a hint of guts in the Honda lineup you are stuck with the useless CRZ or the useful, but irrelevant to most of us, Ridgeline. The company has scrubbed any character from every one of it's cars targeted at the mainstream market.

YES, I mean NO. The Tercel definitely wins on the 80s 4WD Quirk. I love that thing. Also hard to find.

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