September 3, 2013

DT Road Trip: West Virginia Badonk-A-Wagon


Wow, after 13 years of blogging, I might be due for one of those, "Sorry, I haven't updated in a while" posts. We went on a kid-free roadtrip this weekend in the least-wired region of the United States: the backwoods of West Virginia, and I left all the posts in the queue, unattended.

But that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of you.

One travel tip: if you're willing to haul it down 70 stairs and back up, you can take a stroller into the Luray Caverns. The entire 1.25-mile path in the cave itself is paved ramp. But be sure the kid has a blanket, because it is pretty cold down there. Also, make sure everyone goes to the bathroom first.

And as we passed by a used car lot in Princeton, WV the other day, there was no way we could miss taking a picture of their current top-of-the-line offering: this amazing Chevy Caprice wagon--I'd guess it's a '92--in Barney-colored badonk-a-donk livery. It really is purpler in person.

Based on it's vast, unobtrusive dash and driveability, the guys at The Smoking Tire have actually called the Caprice Wagon, "the poor man's Panamera."

Which, is this the poor man's Brabus Panamera? No idea. Being a Sunday, the lot was closed, and we couldn't get any additional details. But isn't that exactly what you want, a used car salesman who honors the Sabbath? If you're in the market, though, here's their number:


Definitely let us know how it turns out, and send pics.

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