July 24, 2013

Stop Whatever You're Doing And Teach Your Kid How To Tie A Shoe

askyaz shoe-tying miracle

Too often we succumb to Velcro's siren song, and we forget that if we don't teach our kids to tie their shoes, we're basically dooming them to a life of loafers and flip-flops.

Which is why our entire household activity ground to a halt this morning as we all stared at this mystical shoe-tying animated gif until we were able to do it ourselves.

The trick [SPOILER ALERT]: the hands move in opposite directions. One goes thumb-under, one goes finger-under. [via kottke]

1 Comment

Ack, so I did it but I can't figure out what I did.
That is such a nifty way to tie shoes, now I just need to figure out how I made it work with out looking at the GIF.

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